2010 Emerging Pro Datacolor: August Bradley

August Bradley

Keeping Color Real
From initial capture to image editing to final output, there are an infinite number of color possibilities in modern digital workflows. That amount of specificity ensures a previously unheard of level of image quality, and at the same time, it also means that color calibration has to be more exact than ever before. The Spyder3Elite from Datacolor is designed to bring photographers the high degree of control over color that they need while easily integrating into their workflows, meaning that what they see is what the end viewer will see, as well.

Available for Mac or PC platforms, the Spyder3Elite system includes the Datacolor Spyder colorimeter device and the powerful Spyder3Elite software system. Precise calibration is compatible with professional monitors, including wide-gamut displays, LED backlit screens, front projectors, sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces, and standard LCD, CRT and laptop monitors. Now in its third generation, the Spyder colorimeter technology has state-of-the-art optical design with a seven-filter-detector color engine and a large 27mm-diameter light aperture for incredible performance. Thanks to the ReCAL mode, initial calibration times are cut in half, making recalibration a snap in changing work environments. The Spyder3Elite even measures ambient light levels to produce the most precise results possible. Spyder3Elite offers an assistant-based interface to lead new users through the process, while the comprehensive capabilities of the Spyder3Elite’s expert console provides more experienced photographers with as much control over color calibration as they desire.

August Bradley’s work is a stylized blend of literary and visual storytelling that has won him numerous cover stories, a feature in DPP and a nomination in 2008 as a Hasselblad Master. Each image he crafts deserves its own unique approach. He’s able to concentrate on detailed editing processes when he doesn’t have to worry about basic workflows and color management. This allows him to be flexible. His work is based in the beauty-centric, high-glamour world of Los Angeles, after all, so he’s no stranger to the changing demands of clients. Bradley’s distinctive eye has made him a photographer in high demand, and he’s just as demanding of his workflows.

“I spend a great deal of time refining the color palette in my images at every stage of a shoot and postproduction. With this obsessive attention to color, it’s essential that the colors I see on the monitor are the true colors that get baked into the file. And when I make a print either for a fine-art collector or as color guide for a commercial client or publication, it’s critical that the colors in the file translate accurately to the printer. That’s why I am so careful about color-profiling in the studio, and why the Spyder3 tools are at the core of my color-management system.”

Angela MarklewAugust Bradley has been hailed as one of the most visionary photographers around. He relies on Datacolor’s Spyder3Elite system to make his images look perfect from capture to print. To see more of August Bradley’s work, go to www.augustbradley.com.

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