2010 Emerging Pro Datacolor: Dorothy-Shoes


Keeping Color Real
Photographer Dorothy-Shoes is leading the next generation of French fine-art photographers. Self-taught and only shooting for five years, she’s nonetheless a master of whimsy at an incredibly young age. Able to express a unique and timeless poetry with seemingly innocent imagery that belies the complex symbolism of her art, Dorothy-Shoes is a natural storyteller, using the lens and an incredible technical proficiency in the darkroom to fabricate an imagined world of masks, fables and surrealism. With almost childlike wonder, she constructs intricately designed scenes in a desaturated yet painterly style that’s equal parts romanticism and realism. Dorothy-Shoes spends much of her free time on art education and therapy for prisoners and sufferers of mental illness, and looking closely at her work, you find that the delicately composed, visually impressive compositions are meant to express meaningful social commentary at the same time that they draw the viewer in to her delightfully idiosyncratic vision.

From initial capture to postprocessing to final output, there are an infinite amount of color possibilities in modern digital workflows, and Datacolor gives artists like Dorothy-Shoes the ability to accurately reproduce the vision that they have in their heads. Available for Mac or PC platforms, the Spyder3Elite system offers photographers a powerful degree of control over color calibration while integrating easily into current workflows. With an assistant-based interface for new users and a robust expert console for the ultimate amount of control, the Spyder3Elite package includes the Datacolor Spyder colorimeter for calibration compatible with professional monitors, including wide-gamut displays, LED backlit screens, front projectors and standard LCD, CRT and laptop monitors.

Fine art is no less demanding of cameras and lenses than any other area of photography, and the SpyderLensCal focus tool from Datacolor allows photographers to precisely and quickly measure the finely detailed focusing abilities of unique camera and lens combinations. The SpyderLensCal also is useful for learning the distinctive depth-of-field characteristics of lens and camera combinations with exact front and back focus scales. It’s an incredibly exact instrument for gaining perfect accuracy and extreme sharpness, and it works with any DSLR with autofocus correction capabilities, including most popular models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony.

Imagination is just as demanding on tools as it is the artist. Dorothy-Shoes relies on Datacolor to ensure that her audience sees her fantastical imagery in the exact way that she wants them to. “I use my lens to experiment in the unconscious,” says Dorothy-Shoes. “I don’t want my work to belong to any specific time. I want it to appear open and atemporal. That’s why my color treatments are in between color and black-and-white. It can be past, it can be now, or it can be tomorrow. This treatment needs to be really subtle to reach what I have in mind to create this timeless atmosphere. It cannot be rough, and the screen calibration should not be either. I consider my creating process to be that of a painter. Imagine the painter with a good acrylic tube, but not the right color of paint inside. Datacolor makes the tube and the acrylic the same color for me.

Angela MarklewDorothy-Shoes relies on Datacolor to make sure that the world is able to see the same images that she does To see more of Dorothy-Shoes’ work, go to www.dorothy-shoes.com.

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