2010 Emerging Pro Datacolor: Sarah Silver

Sarah Silver

Keeping Color Real
Color management has never been more important to photography than in the era of digital. There are an infinite amount of variables that can make your imagery the best it has ever been, and at the same time, that level of control also leaves the door open for any number of variations that can keep your image from being seen exactly as you want it to be seen. Datacolor’s Spyder3Studio SR system is the solution to that problem. As the cornerstone of the modern digital darkroom, the Spyder3Studio SR includes everything that pro photographers will need for streamlining color management in a flexible and unencumbered workflow.

Featuring a number of high-precision tools for guaranteeing color calibration, the Spyder3Studio SR secures optimized detail in highlights, shadows and midtones right from the get-go with the pocket-sized SpyderCube. When used with any popular RAW image-editing software, the multifaceted construction provides perfect white balance and exposure across a series of images. For unrivaled synchronization of LCD, CRT, laptop and front-projector displays, the Spyder3Elite colorimeter is able to easily match multiple studio monitors and displays to a single target. Finally, the Spyder3Print SR Spectrocolorimeter will analyze proofs quickly and efficiently for properly optimizing color management all the way down to the final print.

Making sure that an image is exact from the first click of the shutter to the rich details of the finished print is of paramount importance in the complex world of digital, and the Spyder3Studio SR is the most comprehensive solution available for providing the highly specific color-management needs of pro photographers and studios.

Sarah Silver began her high-profile career as a documentary photographer in the Middle East while pursuing a history degree at Vassar College. She quickly realized how excited she was about photography, and though she wanted to find a less volatile area of work, instead she ended up working in the high-pressure world of fashion and beauty. Haute couture leaves little room for flexibility when orchestrating the demanding stipulations of designers, models and advertising agencies alike, but with the assistance of Datacolor’s Spyder3Studio SR system, Silver and her studio enjoy the challenge.

“What excites me most about photography,” Silver notes, “is the human interaction and the ability to transform a slice of time into an event, into a perfect moment. I love finding a balance between order and spontaneity. There’s something so poetic about a gorgeous girl one second before she has hit her mark, just 1% less than perfect, which makes her more human, more real. I strive to find that same balance within my retouching and shooting environment, where the model isn’t too static, isn’t too plastic, and ultimately, is more genuine to the viewer. While I’m always looking for that special off-moment “It factor” in a photograph, when it comes to color management, the only answer for me is 100% accurate. I don’t have time to mess around with guesswork on my monitors or printers.”

Angela MarklewThe Datacolor Spyder3Studio SR is the backbone of beauty and fashion photographer Sarah Silver’s color-management system, giving her consistent and unmatched quality from the capture of the initial image to the completion of the final print. To see more of Sarah Silver’s’s work, go to www.sarahsilver.com.

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