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DPP Emerging Pro: Philip Cheung
DPP Emerging Pro: Laura Taylor
DPP Emerging Pro: Ryan Heffernan
Philip Cheung
Philip Cheung has worked extensively in the Middle East on commissioned and self-initiated projects.
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor is a photographer in Los Angeles, Calif., specializing in natural lighting and portraits.
Ryan Heffernan
The son of a commercial photographer and film director, Ryan Heffernan specializes in travel, portrait and reportage photography.
Pro Gear
Epson Printers
Epson Printing
The ultimate expression of a fine photograph is a well-crafted print, and well-crafted doesn’t come automatically. It comes from Epson.
Sigma System
Sigma’s line of professionally oriented products is extensive. From the flagship SD1 DSLR to the fast prime and constant-aperture zoom lenses.
Expo Imaging Nik
Rogue Photographic Design
Created by ExpoImaging, Rogue Photographic Design is a new line of innovative lighting equipment for small-strobe-lighting enthusiasts.
Nik Software
Top professional photographers everywhere rely on Nik Software’s award-winning software to help them produce their very best work.

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