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Thanks to generous sponsorship from Sony and Epson, the 2012 Emerging Pro contest was a huge success. We received thousands of submissions from emerging professionals throughout the U.S. in each of the categories, Fashion & Beauty, Fine Art and Photojournalism & Sports. On these pages, we showcase the winners and honorable mentions. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Grand Prize
Kory Zuccarelli

Matthew Heckerling Steve Solis Jessica Drossin
First Place

Matthew Heckerling
First Place
Photojournalism & Sports

Steve Solis
First Place
Fine Art

Jessica Drossin

Lukasz Malczewski Foster Snell Michael Parvin
People’s Choice
Fashion & Beauty

Lukasz Malczewski
People’s Choice
Photojournalism & Sports

Foster Snell
People’s Choice
Fine Art

Micheal Parvin

Honorable Mentions

Jeremiah Toller Donatas Zadeikis Michael E. Harris Jamey Price D. Scott Clark
Fred Blood III
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Meet The Pros Of The Future Header
DPP Emerging Pro: Mark Fisher
DPP Emerging Pro: Tomás Munita
Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher is an outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Idaho.
Tomás Munita
Tomás Munita is a very different photographer.
Pro Gear
Epson Printers
Sony Gear
Epson Printing
The ultimate expression of a fine photograph is a well-crafted print, and well-crafted doesn’t come automatically. It comes from Epson.
Sony Gear
Sony is pioneering new digital imaging technologies that redefine what a camera can do.

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