2012 Emerging Pro: Meet The Pros

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Adam AmengualAdam Amengual
Age: 31
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Adam Amengual was born in Queens, NY and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts. His father Angelo gave him his first camera at 12, and he started documenting his friends and his surroundings. After studying the basics of photography in high school he continued his photographic education at both Massachusetts College of Art and Parsons School of Design. Amengual’s clients include The U.S. State Department via Lipman Hearne, Inc. Magazine, Time Out New York, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Sony BMG, NDLON, Nobu and Wieden+Kennedy NYC. View More »

Sebastian SmithSebastian Smith
Age: 37
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Sebastian Smith was born in the back seat of a Cadillac, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Devoting his adolescence to drag racing, dare devil stunts and petty theft, he left home at sixteen and took a job as an elephant trainer in Delhi. After achieving the distinct honor of blessing the sacred royal herd in the Ganges River, he roamed the world, taking a variety of jobs. He was a bullfighter in Spain, a cigar tester in Cuba and a fortune cookie writer in Beijing. He is anywhere and everywhere. This international man of travel and imagery is perhaps even in your backyard, at this very moment, drinking your whiskey, grilling up T-Bone steaks and lobster tails, in anticipation of your return home. In a non-creepy kind of way, of course. View More »

Melissa GoldenMelissa Golden
Age: 28
Location: Washington, D.C.

Melissa Golden lives in the DC metro area, but she isn’t really from anywhere in particular. Her nomadic childhood, courtesy of the United States military, has led to a life marked by continuous change, renewal and wanderlust. Her work is influenced by all the places she’s called home at some point- the brazen oddity and beauty of Southern California, the tradition of the Deep South, the storm light of rural Florida, the heady intrigue of the Middle East and the stiff formality of the District of Columbia. She may not know where she’s going next, but her pictures help her to keep track of where she’s been. She is a contributing photographer with Redux Pictures. View More »

Sam KaplanSam Kaplan
Age: 28
Location: New York, N.Y.

Sam Kaplan was born and raised in Boston, MA. He received a B.A. from Wesleyan University, that most liberal of liberal arts colleges. Sam studied both conceptual sculpture and traditional photography. Through commercial photography Sam is able to exercise his two favorite skills – creative problem solving and conceptual thinking. He lives in New York City with his wife, Laura, and hundreds of heavy books. View More »

Mark FisherMark Fisher
Age: 36
Location: Victor, Idaho

Mark Fisher is an outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer based in Idaho. Not only is he a brilliant photographer, but he’s also exploring motion work. Along with his creative collaborators at Fisher Creative, he’s producing high-end work with the new generation of extreme sports athletes. View More »

Tomás MunitaTomás Munita
Age: 37
Location: Santiago, Chile

Tomás Munita is a very different photographer. Based in Santiago, Chile, Munita is a photojournalist who has won numerous awards and recently was profiled by The New York Times. His work takes him all over the world, and some of his most moving images come from the region near his South American home. View More »

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