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About Brooks Institute

Brooks Institute is a professional school for creative people with passion, talent and an unwavering will to be among the best at what they do. They put their heart, their soul, and their whole being into it. At Brooks Institute, students don’t just learn it, they live it. For over 63 years Brooks Institute has been recognized worldwide as a leader in professional photography education. Over the years we’ve added filmmaking, graphic design and visual journalism with several areas of specialization. Our learn-by-doing philosophy, combined with industry-current equipment, studios, and outstanding educators who are also accomplished professionals, has led to the success of some of the leading professionals in visual media of yesterday and today. We look forward to inspiring the next generation.

About the Bachelor of Science, Visual Journalism Program
At Brooks Institute, yesterday’s photojournalist has transformed into today’s visual journalist, who utilizes a wide range of multimedia tools to tell journalistic stories. Photography, video, audio, and web are all integral to the process. The stories produced by visual journalists transport the rest of us to places outside our daily lives—from the front lines to the ocean depths; from devastated cities after a natural disaster to the trauma of families after a cruel tragedy. From melting ice caps, to burning forests, to crashing markets, to exuberant victories, these life chroniclers shoot to bring us the whole picture.

If you long to capture real stories with impact, you belong at Brooks Institute. At Brooks you don’t just learn it—you live it. Learn more

Specialty Courses

• Audio Storytelling
• Photojournalism
• Documentary Film Production
• Picture Story
• Journalism
• Portfolio & Ethics
• Photo Essay
• Digital Workflow
• Social Journalism
• Digital Workflow
• International Documentary Projects
• Web Design & Development
• Photojournalistic Portraits
• Sports

Course Topics Include:

• Photojournalism
• Location Lighting
• Multimedia
• Picture Editing
• Web Design
• Video
• Journalistic Writing

About the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Professional Photography Program
In a world where anyone can snap a picture with a cell phone, professional photographers are a different breed. They care about lighting, lenses, filters, shadows, angles, composition, and impact. They capture images to tell a story, evoke emotion, and even controversy. They understand preproduction, production and postproduction and the associated software and hardware necessary to accomplish the entire task—by way of a trained eye, uncompromising attention to detail and disciplined technique, that over time evolves into artistry.

Photography students at Brooks Institute can thrive in a totally immersive, practical environment where they can focus intently on getting to professional quality work, in the studio, in the digital lab and on location. Taking pictures is their passion. They plan to make it their profession. They’re at Brooks Institute because, here, they don’t just learn photography—they live it. Learn more

About the Master of Fine Arts, Photography Program
Brooks Institute offers you, the photographer with an undergraduate degree, a creative arena where you can build on your knowledge of photography and move toward producing a coherent body of exhibition quality photographic art. This MFA program examines the art form through aesthetic and societal influences. During a series of six MFA seminars and six MFA studios, you’ll have the opportunity to explore issues in contemporary photography and continually progress toward a more sophisticated personal expression. You can become well versed in technological and business aspects that apply to the field.

If you’re looking to expand your abilities in the realm of photographic art through critical thinking, creativity and professional excellence, you belong at Brooks Institute. At Brooks you don’t just learn the fine art of photography—you live it. Learn more

About the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film Program
Legendary writer, director, actor, producer, Orson Welles said “a writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army. ”We agree. Many talents go into making a film worth watching. At Brooks Institute, you’ll get to see how it all fits together—from preproduction, to production, to postproduction.

From day one, when you work with a camera in your hand, we’ll look at you as a filmmaker. We’ll encourage you to dig deep to produce images that elicit an emotional response. If you’re ready to do what it takes to get to your best, you belong here. At Brooks Institute, you don’t just learn filmmaking—you live it. Learn more

About the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Program
Graphic design is an art form designed for business. In retail stores where multiple me-too products compete for shrinking shelf space, impactful graphic design can make even a lesser-known product stand out. Graphic design is also at work on websites, logos, videos, brochures, billboards, multimedia, print ads, posters, and publications from annual reports to book covers, catalogs, magazines, newspapers and ne
wsletters. It’s as old as cave drawings and as new as tomorrow’s technology.

Graphic design will explode as creativity taps into advancing technologies. We’re excited about the possibilities. If you are too, you belong at Brooks Institute. At Brooks you don’t just learn graphic design—you live it. Learn more

Mission Statement
The mission of Brooks Institute is to prepare students to successfully pursue careers in visual and media art and design fields. The curriculum promotes critical thinking, creativity and excellence to broaden students’ awareness of the world and encourage the full realization of each individual’s potential. The Institute provides a student-focused, experiential learning environment that is outcomes based and that prepares students to adapt to rapid industry changes and evolving technologies.

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