Amanda Quintenz

With her MFA from Brooks Institute, Amanda Quintenz stands ready to become one of the great artists and educators of the future

Photography By Amanda Quintenz

Some photographers dream of becoming the next celebrity fashion photographer with a never-ending string of Vogue and Vanity Fair covers. Amanda Quintenz, who has just graduated from Brooks Institute with an MFA degree, has a different vision for her future. She has spent the last two years in an intense program getting ready for a career as a gallery fine artist and educator. Says Quintenz, “The MFA program at Brooks Institute has a conceptual focus on making personally important and relevant art beyond visual impact and into layers of commentary that the artist is trying to make. It’s not about making eye candy, but about making a statement.”

The Brooks Institute MFA program is designed for working professionals. At its core are Studio and Seminar classes that teach students how to critically think about images and to communicate visually and verbally. That emphasis on verbal communication is unique in a field where most people think that just taking pictures is what the job is all about. “You learn to think and express verbally what it is you’re trying to say visually,” says Quintenz. “This leads you to delve deeper into the visual elements. It leads you to discover new layers.” She continues, “You need to learn to talk about art and write about art. Once you can write about what you’re doing, you begin to understand it more and then you can explore it more.”

Having a mother who’s a teacher, Quintenz has a deep-seeded appreciation for that profession. Her goal is to become a university-level teacher and fine artist with work hanging in galleries. In the Brooks Institute MFA program, she has built on the technical expertise that she learned as an undergraduate. “Knowing the technical side of photography is imperative,” she says. “You need to know the tools to be able to create the art.”

With that Brooks Institute undergraduate experience, combined with the Brooks Institute MFA degree and Quintenz’s enthusiasm for visual communication and her desire to educate, it’s easy to see that she has all of the tools in place for a fulfilling and successful career.

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