Amir Lavon

Story Behind the Shot: Just after finishing my studies at summer 2006 the second Lebanon war took place at my back yard and without thinking I found myself outside with camera near the north border. One of my strongest memories from that war is going to one of my friend’s house asking for his photo just after the army announcement of him being the first casualty of this war. I remember promising myself back than not to shoot funerals any more; it was unbearable when I photographed nine of my best friend’s funerals. Eight years have passed and I have to see hell all over again and break my promise. This time near the Gaza border. Couple of days passed until I faced the hard news again. One of my 19-year-old high school students died near en-ezion. ‘When The Flowers Cry’ will forever be my small and last thing that I was able to give my dead friends who gave their lives. Rest in peace in the garden of soles my flowers.

Equipment: Fujifilm X10

Amir Lavon

Amir Lavon started studying photography after his Israeli army service and received his degree in photography and new media at the Pck College. Lavon worked as a news photographer at the north region and devoted his work to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lavon also works as a photography and English teacher at Rabin High School in Kfar Saba and works with young artists galleries dealing with social issues.

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