Are Godox Flashes The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Adding an on- or off-camera flash (or Speedlite for Canon users; Speedlight for Nikon) is a great way to enhance your photography game, but they can be expensive. Surprisingly expensive, actually. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have stepped up and started making excellent alternatives that are not only as powerful as original manufacturer brands and just as compatible, but with even more features and a (often much) lower price. Capabilities like high-speed sync and strobe effect and radio remote control (instead of infrared) are often standard and give you much more flexibility in your lighting setup. In this week’s video, I explore the V860II unit (mine is the -O model, for Olympus and Panasonic, but they all have the same feature), going through the buttons and capabilities of the unit.

In other videos this week, I explore the 4K Live Cropping capability on LUMIX cameras:

…and continue the deep-dive Live Training on Luminar 3 with Libraries with episode 2002:


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