Can You Mix Long Exposures And High Resolution Mode On The LUMIX G9?

We’ve all seen those long exposure photos of moving subjects like waterfalls where the water goes all blurry and pretty. We’ve also been hearing more and more about certain new cameras (like the LUMIX G9) featuring a “high-resolution mode,” where the sensor shifts a tiny bit over a short amount of time, combining photos to create images way bigger than the sensor can create normally. In the case of the G9, it creates an image that’s twice as wide and twice as tall — that’s 4x the resolution or 80 megapixels! The camera does have to be on a tripod and shoot over a brief period of time — two commonalities with long exposure photography. So, can you combine them? This video explores the answer!

In other videos, we looked at how to build your own LUT using Lightroom or Photoshop:

…and also whether in-camera long exposure noise reduction makes a difference when shooting RAW:

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