Cover Shot: July/August 2019

The July/August 2019 issue of Digital Photo Pro focused on two essential genres of professional photography: photojournalism and travel photography. And we certainly covered a lot of ground in this issue—trekking along with Lynsey Addario, Steve McCurry, Brian Matiash and Andrea Bruce to the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, and to other points around the globe. We also traveled far above our planet with Terry Virts, who has taken some of the most incredible images of Earth from space.  For our cover, we chose a dramatic image from a story by Edward Mark Harris on photographer and movie director Jimmy Chin. Here’s the story behind the shot:

As we noted in the story, Jimmy Chin is not just a Colorado-based climber, mountaineer, skier and photographer, but also an Academy Award-winning film director, since he won this year’s Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for his National Geographic film, “Free Solo.” The movie depicts Alex Honnold’s ropeless climb up El Capitan, which is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, located on the north side of Yosemite Valley, in California. And while Chin and his team have photographed and filmed challenging climbing expeditions in the past, when they moved into position on June 3, 2017, to record Honnold’s free solo 2,900-foot climb up El Capitan, they knew this would be uniquely dangerous climb

“I think the stakes were very clear with Alex’s attempt on El Capitan—it was life and death. So, it’s not like losing the Super Bowl by dropping the ball in the end zone or missing a last-second shot in the NBA championships. The thing that makes it unique is that the technical difficulty of the actual endeavor was extraordinarily high. It’s already world-class climbing with a rope. You could equate it with a world-class endeavor like the Super Bowl or the NBA championships or the World Cup, except that at any given moment you could die with a single mistake.” — Jimmy Chin

The July/August 2019 issue of Digital Photo Pro is available now in a variety of digital formats and is currently on newsstands now.

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