Enabling Creativity Through Dance, Food And Cityscape

In the video below Dayron Vera, a former ballet dancer describes taking up photography following his career as a dancer as a way to stay connected to the art of dance, and how his passion and dedication enables his creativity as a photographer.

The story is from a Capture One series of videos designed to give voice to three individual photographers across dance, food and cityscape disciplines.

Considering I spend hours each day in their program, it’s great to see Capture One support photographers and offer us a glimpse into the world of unique disciplines while telling the story behind one of their most striking images. Being sponsored, the videos include how Capture One is used to achieve their best work during the image editing process. I like seeing that too because I’ve found everyone captures and edits their work slightly different.

Dedication is a topic addressed in the first video and Vera says:

“It’s not about hours. You cannot be a dedicated person and think in minutes. It’s about time; it’s about years.”

Years into my career, I absolutely agree. Capture One’s Dedication Campaign will continue for the next several weeks. And, according to this timeline also includes a competition.

The details of the competition haven’t been announced, but Capture One told me,

“The competition will be open to public submissions, and allow for participating creatives to connect on their own shared passions and dedication to their photography processes.”

In its 11th version, Capture One got an overhaul of the Local Adjustments tool, among other features like layers. My favorite “feature” of the version is Capture One finally offers style packs with film emulations.

Capture One Pro 11 is available as a perpetual license or through a subscription plan, at the Phase One online store or through authorized partners. A free, 30-day trial is available for download.

Capture One Pro 9 and 10 owners can upgrade for $119 and new users can purchase COP 11 for $299. A single-user subscription is $20 per month for a 12-month plan and a pre-paid annual subscription is $180. Capture One Pro Sony 9 and 10 owners can upgrade for $69, while new users can purchase Capture One Pro.

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