Favorite Tricks Of Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

If you’ve watched some of my recent videos or listened to me on the No Name Photo Show, you know my opinion on mobile photography. To sum it up, I’m a very big fan of it and believe that mobile photo workflows will keep getting better. In fact, all of the photos I’ve recently shared on Instagram were taken with my Sony Mirrorless cameras but edited on either my iPhone or iPad Pro. While there are plenty of capable photo editing apps available on iOS and Android, the platform that I’ve dialed in on is Adobe Lightroom CC. I use the newer version of Lightroom CC (as opposed to Lightroom Classic CC) on my desktop, as well as on my iPhone and iPad.

The fact is that this mobile app offers me almost all of the same tools that I have on my desktop with some notable exceptions, like merging HDR and panoramas (but I’m hopeful that we’ll see those in time). In fact, some of Lightroom’s most powerful, and hidden, tools available on the desktop are also available on iOS. In this video, I go over my favorite hidden tricks with Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile. Watch it and let me know whether it makes you more excited to use Lightroom on your mobile devices.


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