Getting Press For Your Photography—Part 1

Being photographers and not entrepreneurs, a challenging area for many of us is how to create work that doesn’t just live on our hard drive but actually gets out there and interacts with the world. To do this, use the following lists of questions, which are the first set of steps to consider as you embark on gaining publicity.

Decide Who Your Audience Is

And it can’t just be the general public. You need to be explicit about who you want to reach. The subject matter of your images will help guide you. What and/or who do they portray? What do the images tend to provoke in viewers? Who would be most interested in seeing your photographs? Be as specific as possible so that your publicity plan can be as targeted as possible. Ask yourself:

  • Where does your audience live?
  • What age is your audience?
  • What does your audience do for work and fun?
  • Where do they get their news and entertainment?

A Call To Action: Determine What You Want Your Audience To Do

Is the aim of your publicity to come to an event? Find you on social media? Purchase your photography? Make a pledge to your crowd-funding campaign? Known as a call to action (CTA), this is different than your pitch or story. It explains how your audience can stay engaged once they have seen your project.

What’s Your Story?

Create a concise version of your story that explains who you are and what your photography is about/why it matters. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the most important aspect of your photography that you are trying to promote?
  • What is one aspect of your photography that explains the core of why you made your photographs?
  • Why is your photography distinct, and what distinguishes you from other photographers?
  • Why is your photography relevant to what’s happening today? What relationship does it have with today’s times?

This post is the first of three posts on this topic. Here is part two and part three

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