Getting Press For Your Photography—Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed determining who your audience is and how you want them to be engaged (what you want them to do), as well as crafting your personal story with photography and your project.

Here are further steps to consider as you embark on gaining publicity:

Figure Out Where To Pitch Your Project

This is tied to an earlier step about where your audience gets their news and entertainment. One way to do this is to enter a simple search term people might use to find the subject matter of your photography in news. Then keep track of the publications and writers who cover your topic and would likely be interested in your project.

Hone Your Pitch List To About 10 Contacts

Be realistic about who to pitch to. While pitching to The New York Times is feasible, you might have a better chance of breaking through to media that’s smaller and more targeted to your topic and audience. The goal is to get your audience engaged in your project and work, and sometimes a wider audience is not better in this regard.

Research Each Contact

Tactfully obtain the contact information of your media contact list and see if they offer a preferred way to be pitched:

  • Check out writers’ Twitter accounts. Oftentimes, they will put their contact info in their bios, as well as instructions on how to pitch to them. If they don’t, do an advanced search on their Twitter timeline using “contact,” “email,” and/or “gmail.” They may have shared their contact information on their timeline in the past for various reasons.
  • Go to the “about” or “contact” sections of a publications’ website and find your contact.
  • See if writers have personal websites. Some have contact forms for pitches. If not, see if you could email them directly.
  • Do not direct message (DM) writers on Twitter unless their bio says you can. It’s likely to irritate them and cause them to ignore your pitch.
  • If necessary, figure out the publication’s email naming convention and apply it to your contact’s name. With any luck, you’ll have guessed correctly.

This post is the second of three on this topic. Here is part one and part three of this series.

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