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Incredible Video of SpaceX Rocket Launch Shot with Multiple Telescopes

Gorgeous footage shows first all-civilian mission sent to orbit
Photo of SpaceX launch

There are things you come across on social media that just stop you in your tracks and this is one of them. The embedded tweet below from MARS Scientific includes just over 10 seconds of mesmerizing, looped footage showing a recent SpaceX rocket launch.

The launch is from September 2021 of the Inspiration4 spacecraft operated by SpaceX. Inspiration4 was the first all-civilian rocket mission sent to orbit.

According to MARS Scientific, the gorgeous “endlessly flowing” video at the bottom of this post shows the Inspiration4 spacecraft “from pad all the way to orbit.” The colorful clip, dubbed “Endless Inspiration,” is a composite of multiple tracking telescopes that employ new techniques “to bring out the faintest colors and finest details in 10K resolution.”

“The astronaut’s journey from the launchpad to space is showcased as an endless sequence, with the many stages of flight seamlessly flowing one into the other. This presentation invites viewers to immerse themselves in the voyage, taking in the entire launch at a glance, or discovering unique events along the way,” MARS Scientific wrote.

“Endless Inspiration has more than 3 terabytes of telescopic video data embedded in it, including hundreds of thousands of unique images painstakingly stitched together from multiple long-range tracking telescopes. Each telescope’s view was processed individually using proprietary techniques never before seen outside of government programs. Those images were fused together to create a super-resolution high dynamic range video simultaneously rendering the finest details of the spacecraft hardware and the faint expanse of sunlit rocket plumes in space – in their true colors.”

According to their website, MARS (the Mobile Aerospace Reconnaissance System), is “the nation’s civilian leader in long-range telescopic tracking and imaging of rockets, spacecraft, and suborbital launch vehicles.”

Reaction to the tweeted footage of the launch was, unsurprisingly, out of this world with many on Twitter asking MARS to release a higher-resolution version of the clip. There is a downloadable, 4K version being offered by MARS as an NFT. All proceeds from the sale of the Endless Inspiration NFT go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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