Lightroom CC For The Professional, Dead Or New Beginning?

Lightroom live conversation

Adobe’s recent changes to Lightroom CC—renaming the existing desktop version “Lightroom Classic CC” and creating a new Cloud-centric version that takes on the name Lightroom CC—has sparked heated debates in the photographic community. Eliminating the stand-alone version of Lightroom, while giving the traditional product a name that has a connection to the Coca-Cola marketing fiasco doesn’t send the message that the pros are important, regardless of the company’s intentions.

Meanwhile the new Lightroom lacks feature parity with Lightroom Classic, putting some pro photographers in a weird spot—adopt the new tool and abandon their workflow, or keep working with the existing tools, but miss out on the new features.

In this hour-long debate on the Photo Joseph video show, I tackle the optics and the practical issues with these new changes.

To be clear, I think that the new Lightroom CC is a great product with great potential—I’m a big believer in breaking from previous architectures to adopt a modern workflow. What’s up for debate, though, is whether Lightroom CC will be oriented toward the pros, or will remain an enthusiast-level product.

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