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LUMIX S Series Updates And New Sigma Lenses

It’s been a busy week for LUMIX S Series, with firmware updates and new L-Mount lenses announced by Sigma. And learn how to adapt nearly ANY lens to an S1!
Lots of LUMIX S Series related news, starting with the firmware update that sets us up for the Filmmakers V-Log update coming later this month (be sure to stay tuned to my YouTube channel to learn exactly how to get and install your update for free before it becomes a paid update!).
I’ve done a whole video on how to do the update (it’s different than previous firmware update procedures), and I did a video on how to adapt just about any lens to the S Series cameras. I’ve been playing with an old Mamiya shift lens (for architectural photography) on the S1 via a KIPON adapter, and I’m looking forward to making a video on that!
Finally, Sigma has added three more lenses to their L-Mount line-up; two of which will be available at the end of the month, and almost all of which are available for preorder. I made a sortable table where you can see exactly what’s coming. 
In other news, I did a video on how to crop without cropping and how to make two- and three-tile wide images for Instagram, entirely on your smartphone. 
In case you missed it, when the LUMIX S1H was announced, I made a handy chart comparing the differences between the S1, the S1 with the Filmmaker V-Log upgrade and the S1H. 
If you’re a Lightroom (CC) user, you may appreciate these two tips. The first is how to use an X-Rite Color Checker even though there’s no plugin for the new Lightroom, and the second is on how to replace ANY missing feature from the desktop to mobile version of the newest Lightroom.

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