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My Wow Moment: Underwater Photography

Sony Wants to Wow You

My wow moment—finding ones is the reason Sony hosted the Collective, Artisans and journalists for evangelism at Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds—was seeing one usable underwater photo in post from the hundreds I took—or thought I did. The featured one on this post is an obligatory sunset photo because we were at the beach.

It’s this one that popped on the screen as files loaded into Capture One from the card after.

Sony Kando Trip water shoot.

“Wait, wut” I said to myself.

I had no idea if I got anything at all as I was so distracted by the underwater experience, and that’s what this event for me is about.

It’s pushing my photography skills into new and unexplored areas.

Shooting underwater was like being waterboarded and creatively fulfilled while a Sony staffer hovered in case the case leaked. And, mine did.

That’s another story.


Sony wowing their users is what mattered today. That’s Kando. 

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