Geotagging With Your Phone

Remember exactly where you took a photo with your smartphone by applying geographic coordinates
Geotagging with your phone
Geotagging, or the act of applying detailed geographic coordinates to my photos, is exceptionally important to me. I do a lot of traveling and am often photographing in remote areas. So, being able to remember exactly where I took a particular photo using my smartphone has saved my bacon a number of times. Additionally, it just makes things so much... Read more

Becoming a Confident Street Photographer

How to overcome insecurities when shooting out in the streets
When you photograph on the street, nothing affects your output as much as your own mindset. Understanding this is essential to becoming a confident street photographer. If you feel insecure about what you’re doing, if you have doubts about the morality of photographing strangers or feel timid about approaching strangers, it’s going to be challenging—at... Read more

Beyond The Frame: A Photo Marketing Primer

Creative marketing and social media tips for getting your photography seen
Beyond The Frame: A Photo Marketing Primer
Step 1: Profile Your Audience The first step is to focus on your desired audience. Determine first whether you want to network with other pros, connect with like-minded amateurs, sell to consumers or promote your work for future assignments. This will help guide which sites and tools you want to add to your bag. Step 2: Have a Clean, User-Friendly Website Thankfully,... Read more

How To Make Unique Color Lens Flares

Ever seen cool colored lens flares over video and wondered how it was done? I created my own for a recent video and wanted to share the process with you!
lens flares
Adding color lens flares to your videos, especially b-roll, can be an interesting way to add some depth and texture to a shot. You can probably download some canned ones, but why not make your own? It’s remarkably easy with a colored light (RGB LED or even a gel on any light bulb), a black background and some basic editing skills.  In this video,... Read more

The Importance Of Being Prolific

Individual creativity is achieved through a variety of steps, including being prolific in creating new work
The Importance Of Being Prolific
A long time ago, I read this fantastic article on The Next Web (TNW) that talked about focusing less on being original and more on being prolific. It clearly serves as the inspiration for this post. Look, I completely get it. One of the most innate desires of any creative is to leave their mark on the world. We create because we have the drive to share... Read more

B&H Payboo Credit Card Reimburses Your Sales Tax

A new credit card for those who live in a state that requires collection of sales tax on internet orders
If you live in a state that requires collection of sales tax on internet orders, B&H Photo has launched a new credit card that will credit your purchase for the amount of the tax. The official press release describes the process: “The Payboo Card delivers instant, immediate savings to B&H customers. For example, when a customer in Los Angeles... Read more

How To Add A PRO Wireless Mic To A Smartphone

Need to connect a professional wireless lav mic (like a Sennheiser) to your iPhone or Android? It's not plug and play without a special cable!
The cameras in our smartphones have gotten so good that they make a great replacement for many needs—especially video recording for things like mobile journalism, interviews and vlogs. However, as good as the cameras have gotten, even the best on-board microphone still pales in comparison to a lavalier mic for talking heads. The challenge, though,... Read more

Photoville Photo Festival Comes to Los Angeles

An annual photo exhibition in New York City, Photoville LA makes its first visit to the west coast
Photoville LA at Annenberg Space for Photography
Over the course of two sun-soaked weekends, April 26-28 and May 2-5, 2019, The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles was home to the free Photoville LA event. Produced by United Photo Industries, the annual photo festival has spent the last seven years in New York City. In addition to exhibitions of local and international photographers, the... Read more

Favorite Photo Editing Tools

Palette Gear and Wacom offer more refined and customizable controls than mice and trackpads
When it comes to post-processing workflows, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “What do you use to edit your photos?” Unsurprisingly, photo editing preferences can be quite personal and vary from photographer to photographer. The ideal setup for me may very well be cumbersome for you. Still, I love learning about the tools people use... Read more

Advanced Flicker In Video Education

You’ve seen flicker from overhead lights when shooting video before… but do you know the science behind why it happens, and the math on how to avoid it?
If you shoot a lot of video, especially if you travel, you’ve probably seen it before. That weird flickering that you see on screen but not with the naked eye! You may even know how to fix it (choose the right shutter speed or shutter angle), but do you know the science behind why it happens and the math behind avoiding it? It’s a complex... Read more