Chrome Niko F-Stop Camera Bag

An updated version of the fan-favorite Niko Pack with a back opening, more pockets, and the same low-profile silhouette.
You know that thing when you get some gear and then notice everyone else that has it too? Well, in my travels I’ve seen many Chrome Nikos. I owned and used a Niko Messenger bag for years, but switched to the Thule Covert when airlines became more restrictive with luggage allowances. The cube shape of the Niko Messenger was perfect for travel. I just... Read more

Add Another Dimension to Your Portraits with the Lensbaby Velvet Lens

PhotoJoseph demonstrates how the Lensbaby Velvet Lens makes creamy, soft portraits using a LUMIX, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, or Pentax camera
As a portrait photographer, every edge you can grab helps you to stand out from the competition. In this video, see how the Lensbaby Velvet lens can add a delicious dreamy look to your portraits! We brought in Genevieve, a gorgeous model for this Valentine’s Day special to see exactly how the lens works in realtime! In other videos, learn how... Read more

New DJI Mavic Air Takes To The Skies – Live From NYC Event

New DJI drone combines lightweight body, high resolution, advanced controls into Mavic Air
What do you get when you take the image quality of the DJI Phantom 4 and put it into a body about the same size as a DJI Spark? The answer, revealed by DJI’s Mike Perry at an invite-only media event in New York City today is the Mavic Air, a restyled, revamped, folding drone that looks to be the “gotta have it” tool for photographers... Read more

PhotoJoseph compares the GH5 to the new GH5S In This Review

New video-centric Micro Four Thirds has incredible light performance, but has left some things out
If you do that video thing, then you’ve probably heard that Panasonic announced a new camera, the GH5S, as a companion to the very popular GH5 camera. While many on the interwebs immediately went into panic mode, worried that their beloved GH5 was already out of date — FRET NOT! The GH5S is a complement, not a replacement, for the GH5. With superior... Read more

Hunting For Technology At CES 2018

Drones, robots and SSD dominate the worlds largest consumer electronics show
Another annual electronic circus in the desert is over. 179,999 people and I wandered the aisles of wireless phone chargers, 3D printers, drones, TVs and other “innovations”. There were robots: One that played table tennis, a couple which folded laundry, and one that is trying to replace your dog. We experienced a power outage, and did I mention... Read more

Sony 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Hands On Exclusive In Hawaii

Versatile APS-C Zoom Lens Is The Perfect Travel Companion
At a media event in Oahu, Hawaii, Sony provided a small selection of media, including myself, a first look at the new E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens for Sony’s APS-C a6000/a6300/a6500 cameras. We took the lens out to shoot some local food markets to check out the image quality. With 12 groups and 16 elements, including an aspherical element, the $600... Read more

Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018 Winners Announced

One photographer in each of 11 categories in the global professional photography competition was awarded the Hasselblad Master designation, among a record-setting 30,000-plus submissions
Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018
Photo by Jorge de la Torriente, Miami, USA, winner in the Aerial category of the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018. Hasselblad has announced the Masters Awards 2018 winners. One photographer in each of 11 categories in the global professional photography competition was awarded the Hasselblad Master designation, among a record-setting 30,000-plus submissions. Here’s... Read more

Nikon Storytellers Scholarship

Open to eligible students in the United States and Canada, submissions are being accepted for the program, which will award 10 academic scholarships of $10,000 each
Nikon Storytellers Scholarships
First announced in July, in conjunction with Nikon’s 100th anniversary, the Nikon Storytellers Scholarship is now accepting submissions. The program is open to eligible students in the United States and Canada, with 10 academic scholarships of $10,000 (US) each awarded to the winners. Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students in the United... Read more

Video: PhotoJoseph Reviews Final Cut Pro X 10.4

A look at the video editor’s latest features, including new color capabilities and the new white balance tool
Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Nearly every Final Cut Pro X user has been waiting for this day for a long, long time. The vastly improved color tools in FCPX are massively welcome, and very exciting! On Friday’s Photo Moment show, I quickly went through the bullet list of new features, then spent some time exploring the new color capabilities, including LUT application (including... Read more

Hands On With The Leica Q

A generational camera at an heirloom price
Leica Q camera
I handed a millennial a Leica Q, and you won’t believe what happened next. Hint: She took good and even great photos with it. Prior to me handing Emma Broback the Q, and putting down her avocado toast for a minute, she’d never heard of a Leica. Really…this is like the song Hey Nineteen, but not about May-December romance, and we’re colleagues,... Read more

First Look: Final Cut Pro 10.4 Update

Big advances in features despite the small version number change
Final Cut Pro 10.4
Today’s update of Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 10.4 brings a substantial number of features, despite a modest version number update from 10.3 to 10.4. For some programs, the number changes in this update would warrant a full version number change, so don’t let the version number fool you. Final Cut Pro 10.4 has three “major” new features,... Read more

PhotoJoseph’s Live-Streaming Setup

A video tutorial with tips for live-streaming content
live streaming
If you’ve seen any of my live-streaming videos, you’ve probably gathered that there’s something more than an iPhone involved! I get asked all the time, “How are you streaming” or even “What app are you using on your iPad to switch?!” (I do switch sources using my iPad, but it’s just a remote control). This article and video are provided... Read more