Camera RAW Is For Chumps

For photographers shooting video, think you can fall back on your sloppy capture technique, shoot RAW and fix it in post? Think again.
Camera RAW
I don’t have to tell you about the joys of the Camera RAW format. Oh, I do? Nah, go look it up. If you’re a photographer in 2017 shooting with a DSLR and not shooting RAW for your stills, well, not much I can do to help you. A lot of us have been shooting in RAW for more than a decade. The Camera RAW format and the nondestructive workflow it engenders... Read more

Lightroom CC For The Professional, Dead Or New Beginning?

With changes to Lightroom, and the renaming of the previous version to Classic, what is Adobe signaling?
Lightroom live conversation
Adobe’s recent changes to Lightroom CC—renaming the existing desktop version “Lightroom Classic CC” and creating a new Cloud-centric version that takes on the name Lightroom CC—has sparked heated debates in the photographic community. Eliminating the stand-alone version of Lightroom, while giving the traditional product a name that has a connection... Read more

Sound Advice: Shotgun The Dead Kitty

Cool it—we love cats. We’re talking about the furry wind-reducing mic cover that can make a huge improvement to recording sound in video.
audio for video
We’ve spent a fair amount of time on sound, particularly my disasters learning to deal with that undiscovered country. In particular, I’m going to share with you the greatest little external shotgun mic and its most excellently named accessory. I’m talking about the RØDE VideoMic GO. Not only is this a great little mic, it comes with two covers,... Read more

Sony a7R III U.S. Launch Live Blog

To a collection of the press, Sony officially unveils the Sony a7R III
This article was written live during the Sony event, 10 am EDT, Wednesday, the 25th of October 2017. Live coverage concluded at 10:49 am EDT A livecast of this announcement can be found here. Sony a7R III Sony’s Mike Fasulo took the stage at a private media event in New York City to officially announce the Sony a7R III, as well as two lens announcements. If... Read more

Live Lightroom CC Discussion

Be sure to tune in October 23, 2017, at 9:30 AM EST, as Editor David Schloss joins PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment show
Adobe Lightroom CC
Editor David Schloss will be on a live special edition of PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment show. We will discuss and debate the merits (or lack thereof) of Adobe’s latest big news, the split of Lightroom to “Classic” and “CC”. Tune in Monday, October 23, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. EST: Here’s more information on the announcement,... Read more

Act Like A Director

Turns out there are good, solid reasons for all that “Lights, Camera, Action” dance you feel utterly silly doing
Director Thomas Gulamerian works with actor Iva Stelmak on the set of Courier X. Photo by Chris X Carroll Unlike, say, photography, filmmaking is a massively collaborative art form. Oh, you can do it all, but you definitely can’t do it all well. Nor can you do it all easily. You start with your bad self, a couple, three actors (God forbid some horse-drawn... Read more

Photographer Jim Herrington’s Photo Book Earns BANFF Award

“The Climbers,” a series of powerfully evocative black-and-white portraits of climbing icons, wins the Mountaineering History prize
Jim Herrington
Photographer Jim Herrington, known for his iconic portraits of legendary musicians like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and The Rolling Stones, for album covers and magazines ranging from GQ to Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair, has a powerful body of black-and-white portrait work that celebrates the icons of the rock and mountain climbing world. Now in book... Read more

We’ll Do It Live!—Fixing Sound Mistakes

Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you
sound editing
Those of you paying attention will recall that at the end of last week’s lesson we were totally screwed. Being photographers, we had used our Canon DSLRs to shoot heart-breakingly gorgeous video. Video that was virtually useless because (among other things) of the proximity of a honkin’ giant fan blowing all that hair around most fetchingly while... Read more

Canon Live Learning EOS Destination Workshops For 2018

Now in their 10th year, the workshops offer a range of topics, from portraiture to landscapes to street photography, led by top photographers specializing in those areas
photography workshops
Photo by Parish Kohanim Canon has announced its lineup for the 2018 Live Learning EOS Destination Workshops. Now in their 10th year, the workshops offer a range of topics, from portraiture to landscapes to street photography, led by top photographers specializing in those areas. This year’s photographers, shooting in locations from Kentucky and Alaska,... Read more

Around The World With The DJI Inspire 2

Learn how the DJI Inspire 2 allows adventurous filmmakers to stretch the limits in the field
DJI Inspire 2
The DJI Inspire 2 has allowed filmmakers to reach new heights while offering professional image quality. With a maximum speed of 58 mph (it goes from 0 to 50 mph in 5 seconds), and containing a self-heating battery that’s perfect for shooting in low temperatures, the DJI Inspire 2 allows the adventurous filmmaker to stretch the limits in the field. Sam... Read more

Cocktails And Cameras: Sony RX0 Hands-On Review In Hollywood

While the tiny box form factor looks like an action cam, the RX0 is much more capable. Intended for 4K multicam immersive experiences, it delivers excellent still images, too
video cameras
Hang 5 on a Hollywood set. Sony RX0 Hands-On Review Flatland BMX is about spinning brakeless tricks and insanely difficult, but also fits into an indoor space quite nicely. You get exciting things to photograph in a small space. In the ’80s, the performances would take up an entire basketball court or a couple courts’ worth of space to entertain... Read more

Litepanels Gemini LED Live-Stream Event

Live from the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, cinematographer George Mooradian, ASC, shares his experience using the new Gemini LED soft panel, October 5 at 12 Noon PDT
LED lighting
The increasing versatility and dropping production costs of LED panels make them especially attractive lighting solutions. Today, the lighting experts at Litepanels are hosting a live-stream event featuring the Gemini LED soft panel. Live from the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood, cinematographer George Mooradian, ASC, will share his experience using the... Read more