Look For All The Angles

Always look for all the angles as you define your composition
A while ago, I created an Album in Adobe Lightroom CC called “Ready to Share.” The purpose of this album is pretty obvious, right? Any time I finish editing a photo and feel that it’s ready for social media, I add it to this album. It’s what I did when I used to use Lightroom Classic and I follow the same process with Lightroom CC. This collection... Read more

An iPad Pro 11-Inch Photography Workflow

If you're willing to compromise, the new iPad Pro 11-inch is compelling for photographers who put a premium on traveling light
Earlier this month, I wrote about how photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight than ever before. That article was about how traveling with the new MacBook Air and mirrorless cameras isn’t a compromise. If you’re willing to compromise (a bit), the new iPad Pro 11 is compelling for photographers like me... Read more

Three Things I Used To Do In Adobe Lightroom But Would Never Do Today

Finding inspiration in your own past and experiences
As I made my 40th trip around the sun last September, I’ve become more keen on the idea of introspection on all aspects of my life, especially photography. I subscribe to the idea that you should never stop learning, and while there are countless sources of inspiration, one that shouldn’t be ignored is your own past and experiences. I’ve found... Read more

Traveling Light With Mirrorless Cameras

Photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight than ever before
MacBook Air with a Sony a9 and rugged SSD. Ever since mirrorless cameras arrived on the market, I’ve been obsessed with traveling light. Now the new MacBook Air, peripherals like a tiny SSD, and featherweight prime lenses have finally caught up with the mirrorless promise. Photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight... Read more

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Social Media

A useful tool to help you save time when sharing your work on various social media platforms
How many times have you begun a sentence with, “I wish I had X”? I know that I’m guilty of overusing that phrase. I wish I had that lens. I wish I could spend a year traveling and taking photos. But of everything I’ve ever wished for, the one that I’d happily give up most anything for is time. Time is possibly the most precious resource we... Read more

Anatomy Of A Photo #2

Incorporating a sense of scale into your images
Sony a7R II | Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS ⅓ sec. at f/8; ISO 100 February 19, 2016 Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park If there’s one compositional topic that factors into photographing at the base of these gigantic redwoods, it’s scale. By placing my good friend Brian against the trunk of this redwood, I have given the viewer an aid in... Read more

Fine-Art Photography Video Review: Contact High—A Visual History Of Hip Hop

Each image in this new music-photo exhibition includes contact sheets and a loupe to literally give visitors a hands-on experience of how images are selected for publications
There’s an inventive exhibition that’s on view for just a short time at Hasselbald’s New York Office, just above SoHo, at its Hasselblad New York Experience, which you can see here in my video from the opening of the show. In the show, “Contact High—A Visual History Of Hip Hop,” you’ll see images of Hip Hop icons like Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z,... Read more

Anatomy Of A Photo #1

While timing is a critical component to getting a photo, there's more involved when you want to marry execution with intent
Sony a7R II | Zeiss Loxia 2.8/21 1/80 sec. at f/16; ISO 160 November 4, 2015 Venice, Italy While timing is a critical component to getting a photo, especially in the field, there’s more involved when you want to marry execution with intent. I wanted to get the sun setting behind the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, but it was also... Read more

Are Godox Flashes The Best Bang For Your Buck?

On- or off-camera flashes (or speedlites/speedlights by any other name) are a great way to enhance your photography, and Godox makes some intriguing units!
Adding an on- or off-camera flash (or Speedlite for Canon users; Speedlight for Nikon) is a great way to enhance your photography game, but they can be expensive. Surprisingly expensive, actually. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have stepped up and started making excellent alternatives that are not only as powerful as original manufacturer brands and... Read more

Shooting Video While Roaming The World

When traveling, there are plenty of challenges to face, especially when shooting video. Moving between 60Hz and 50Hz regions, flickering lights can wreak havoc on your shots.
I recently traveled from home (the United States) where we have a 60Hz power system, to India, where they have a 50Hz power system. Artificial lighting in any shot will flicker annoyingly unless you set the shutter speed or shutter angle appropriately. It’s an easy thing to miss when it’s a small light in the corner of a scene, but once... Read more