Save Money On Canon 6D Mark II DSLRs And DSLR Kits With Great Black Friday Deals At B&H

The holidays are right around the corner, and B&H is offering great deals on Canon full-frame DSLRs and kits this week for Black Friday
Historically, HDTVs, gaming systems and audio devices have dominated sales in Black Friday weekend circulars and website listings. However, this year you’ll find more than your average number of great digital-camera deals since it’s been a banner year for new digital camera introductions, particularly at the pro and enthusiast levels. That’s great... Read more

Suggested Reading: Make Better Pictures

For the aspiring photographer, Make Better Pictures by Henry Horenstein offers more than 100 tips
When I wrote a book, back in the days of blogging, the publisher told me it was meant to be read on an airplane and flipped through. That’s harder than it sounds, and with that background, I appreciate Henry Horenstein’s Make Better Pictures. The paperback is already in my bag for the next flight. It’s a flip-through style book with... Read more

Leica Announces Q-P

The Q-P is a refined design and kit of Leica's compact full-frame, fixed-lens Q
In a mirrorless market bristling with updates from Canon, Nikon and Sony, Leica just continues to do its own thing. And, for that, they deserve credit. Of course, that thing they do comes with a hefty price tag, but Leica doesn’t even have to call their cameras mirrorless to drive media attention or their customers to purchase. For the record,... Read more

New Digital Tools From Apple for Photographers, Filmmakers And Creatives

A thoroughly redesigned Apple iPad Pro tops exciting announcements at Apple's latest special event
Earlier today, in a packed theater at the Brooklyn Museum of Music in New York City, Apple unveiled three new pieces of computer hardware that will no doubt be of interest to anyone involved in creating photos, videos and multimedia. The new products include a new Apple iPad Pro tablet, Air laptop and Mac Mini. The most prominent for creatives of all... Read more

Documentary Photographer Sarah Blesener Wins Prestigious Photo-J Fellowship

On October 17, 2018, the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund honored several photographers at the fund’s 39th annual awards ceremony
Cover (left) and page featuring Sarah Blesener, winner of the fund’s 2018 fellowship grant, (right), from the brochure for the 39th Annual W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund: Grant for Humanistic Photography, on October 17, 2018.
Sarah Blesener accepting the fellowship grant at the 39th annual W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund awards ceremony. Former LIFE magazine photographer and renowned photojournalist W. Eugene Smith once wrote about his work as a photographer: “I am a compassionate cynic. Yet I believe I am one of the most affirmative photographers around. I have tried to... Read more

Adobe Brings Full Photoshop To iPad And Announces Other Creative Cloud Updates

Adobe unveiled a slew of updates to many Creative Cloud apps and launched several new digital-imaging, video and multimedia apps
Adobe Brings Full Photoshop To iPad And Announces Other Creative Cloud Updates
Earlier today, Adobe unveiled a slew of updates to many Creative Cloud apps and launched several new digital-imaging, video and multimedia apps, as well. The new updates and releases coincide with Adobe MAX, the company’s annual event taking place in Los Angeles this week. Here are two that will be of particular interest to photographers, filmmakers... Read more

Self-Assigned Challenge: Miramar Air Show

The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar was the perfect proving ground for the Sony a9
For a self-assigned challenge, I decided to shoot a subject matter I haven’t ever captured, the near-supersonic jets at a military air show. When Sony asked if I wanted to join them for a shoot at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego, I wasn’t sure how it would go. The ideal shot goes by in a millisecond of roaring engines, and since I’ve never shot... Read more

Photokina: Year Of The Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Photokina offered many surprises for photographers, filmmakers, industry analysts and others from the world of digital imaging
Photokina is the mammoth international photo and camera trade show that takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany. It started this past Wednesday and will be wrapping up tomorrow. While such trade shows can serve as key venues to unveil new gear, this year the camera manufacturers took things into their own hands: Nikon and Canon announced in... Read more

Sony’s 24mm F1.4 G Master Prime And A New Deal

The 24mm F1.4 GM is the 30th lens in their lineup
As the USS Potomac steamed across the bay into the golden hour and under the Golden Gate Bridge, I considered the technical aspects of Sony’s latest G Master lens. That’s because to truly benefit from the mirrorless technological leap, a lens must be constructed to operate in a much faster manner, like with electromagnets moving on a rail. Compact... Read more

Mission Workshop Integer

Another highly functional camera bag iteration from Mission Workshop
Not content to design and make just one of the most functional, weekender camera backpack I’ve used, Mission Workshop iterated the Rhake into the Integer. The main difference between the two is the Rhake uses an insert for camera gear and the space inside the Integer is dedicated with adjustable compartments and a quick-access side panel to grab... Read more