Leica Announces M10-P

Exceptionally discreet, the new Leica M10-P allows photographers to see and not be seen
While in Brooklyn for a weekend shoot with Sony on World Photography Day, I got my hands on a Leica M10-P. With the news about the camera under embargo, I had just a few minutes with it and immediately noticed the almost silent shutter and placement of the ISO setting dial on the top plate—similar to the film rewind button on their MA and MP bodies.... Read more

Emerging Pro Contest Now Accepting Submissions

Submissions are now open in our premier photo contest—see the categories and enter now!
If you’re a student or pro photographer looking for your “big break,” placing in a photography competition is an excellent way to get your work noticed—and makes a great addition to your artist’s bio. Our premier photo contest, Emerging Pro 2018 is now accepting submissions in three categories: Fashion & Beauty Photojournalism... Read more

Photographing And Touring India

Hear two professional photographers talk about their experiences traveling and photographing in India, answering viewer questions and sharing their incredible images
India is on the “bucket list” for many travelers, but it’s a “big scary place” for a lot of people! The travel options can be overwhelming. I’m leading a tour/photography workshop through northeast India in the beginning of 2019. To help anyone interested understand just what it’s like there, I invited two good friends and professional... Read more

Yellowstone Macro Photography With The Sigma 70mm F2.8

A true test of a macro lens is in the thermal pools
The best photography advice I was ever given is to note where the photographers are and go somewhere else. I repeated that line to myself as I took up a position on a crowded Yellowstone boardwalk. Lying prone with a Sigma macro lens pointed at a colorful pool of thermal water next to bubbling, blended mud, I pulled focus on a patch of thermophilic... Read more

The Leica Elpro 52

Leica Camera has released a new close-up attachment for M and TL Lenses that enables shallow depth of focus with soft bokeh
Today, Leica announced the Leica Elpro 52—a selected Leica M- and TL-lens attachment for macro photography. According to Leica, “The shallow depth of focus opens up new opportunities for incredibly detailed photography while still giving images a soft effect in the out of focus areas.” The attachment looks compact enough to carry with... Read more

Mission Workshop Rhake+Capsule

A near-perfect, day-trippable weatherproof backpack with camera insert that fits on a hardcase
It would seem, by now, all possible designs of a photographer’s bag have been realized. And, it’s iterations upon those designs from here on out. Well, Mission Workshop went and changed camera bags up by combining the features of a messenger backpack—roll top, waterproof materials—and adding a well-organized capsule insert. There are... Read more

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VA

For $200 less than the Mark VI, the VA gets upgraded internals and keeps the 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens
The just-announced Sony RX 100 VA (Five-A) gets the tech upgrades from the RX 100 VI, including the improved BIONZ X processor and buffer. It doesn’t have the monster zoom though; instead, it’s still manufactured with the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens. That lens first shipped with the Sony RX100 Mark III. The... Read more

Leica Camera Releases Firmware For Five Cameras

The updates affect the M10 rangefinder, the Q compact and the CL, as well as the TL2 and the T/TL
Leica Q camera
Leica has released new firmware for five models, significantly changing existing features and adding some new functions. Leica indicated in the press release that they did so for their loyal customers based on feedback. The updates effect the M10 rangefinder, the Q compact and the new CL, as well as the TL2 and the T/TL. A four-minute exposure time... Read more

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 Art Is Wide Enough For The Widest Subjects

Typically used for architecture and landscapes, the focal range of this lens allowed me to frame most of the airplane body and then get in tight for the cockpit and cabin
With a lens this wide from Sigma, I needed something huge to shoot, and it needed to be something that I couldn’t shoot from half a mile away. How about a 747 in a hangar. That’s up close, if not personal. This one is retired and is part of the exhibition at the Museum of Flight near my home in Seattle.  A lens like this is well-suited to shooting... Read more

How To Shoot A Multicam Live Event (With Checklist)

Shooting a multicam live event on your own can be a stressful, complicated task. Follow these guidelines to ensure you don’t miss a thing
Shooting multicam video of a live event is easy when you have a crew—less so when you’re shooting solo. These tips and complete checklist will help you deliver the best possible project the next time you need to shoot a live event, from the school play to a corporate presentation. Tips include preparing your hardware and your packing list, what... Read more