Video: PhotoJoseph Reviews Final Cut Pro X 10.4

A look at the video editor’s latest features, including new color capabilities and the new white balance tool
Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Nearly every Final Cut Pro X user has been waiting for this day for a long, long time. The vastly improved color tools in FCPX are massively welcome, and very exciting! On Friday’s Photo Moment show, I quickly went through the bullet list of new features, then spent some time exploring the new color capabilities, including LUT application (including... Read more

Hands On With The Leica Q

A generational camera at an heirloom price
Leica Q camera
I handed a millennial a Leica Q, and you won’t believe what happened next. Hint: She took good and even great photos with it. Prior to me handing Emma Broback the Q, and putting down her avocado toast for a minute, she’d never heard of a Leica. Really…this is like the song Hey Nineteen, but not about May-December romance, and we’re colleagues,... Read more

First Look: Final Cut Pro 10.4 Update

Big advances in features despite the small version number change
Final Cut Pro 10.4
Today’s update of Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 10.4 brings a substantial number of features, despite a modest version number update from 10.3 to 10.4. For some programs, the number changes in this update would warrant a full version number change, so don’t let the version number fool you. Final Cut Pro 10.4 has three “major” new features,... Read more

PhotoJoseph’s Live-Streaming Setup

A video tutorial with tips for live-streaming content
live streaming
If you’ve seen any of my live-streaming videos, you’ve probably gathered that there’s something more than an iPhone involved! I get asked all the time, “How are you streaming” or even “What app are you using on your iPad to switch?!” (I do switch sources using my iPad, but it’s just a remote control). This article and video are provided... Read more

Inside Canon Professional Service & Support Center

A visit to Canon’s service center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey
Professional Service & Support Center
There’s no denying that for the professional photographer, support of gear is nearly as important as the gear itself. Countless photographers have been saved by the repair and loan services of the various professional support programs. When I worked in the media centers of the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, I watched as a stream of photographers... Read more

Self-Assigned Challenge: Photos In The Attic

The scanning technology in the Epson FastFoto lets photographers quickly archive decades of prints laying around the studio.
Epson FastFoto FF640
It’s raining in Seattle and will do so until next summer. In April, the rain lets up for a bit, bringing a respite to Seattleites, with bright rays of sunshine. But then Mother Nature abruptly closes that door, and we’re right back to low-hanging ever-gray clouds, a mist I’ve described as the dreep: raindrops so steady and persistent they’re... Read more

iPhone X Video Tip From PhotoJoseph

Exploring the perfect format for creating iPhone X videos
Apple iPhone X
If you have an iPhone X, you know that regular 16:9 videos don’t fill the screen unless you pinch in, but then you end up cropping the top and bottom off the video. Plus, there’s that notch…. So, I set out to create a video that would fill the iPhone X 19.5:9 aspect ratio screen perfectly, and even do something fun with the notch! Check out the... Read more

On The Road: Live From The Sony a7R III Media Event In Sedona

Media events like the Sony a7R III are a lot of work—and a lot of fun—and they help us bring you reviews of new gear
Sedona Arizona From The Air
Sony’s press event in Sedona, Arizona, this week gave assembled journalists a chance to test out the new Sony a7R III in a number of different shooting situations, with the incredibly scenic backdrop of the sandstone cliffs and blue skies of this legendary tourist destination. Media events like these are a pretty regular occurrence for the photo... Read more

Using Coverage: The Trick To Making Videos That Won’t Annoy People

For photographers new to video, a few simple techniques to help set yourself and your clients apart from the competition
video shooting techniques
At a time when everyone is clamouring to create short video content for YouTube, Facebook and other social media, it’s great to know a few simple techniques to set yourself apart. As YouTube’s popularity exploded, there’s a style of jump-cut-laden video, like that in this episode’s opening that has become ubiquitous. It’s easy to understand... Read more

PhotoJoseph First Impressions: Panasonic LUMIX G9

The new mirrorless camera features 20 fps high-speed burst shooting, 6.5 stops of compensation and an 80-megapixel High Resolution mode
Panasonic LUMIX G9, PhotoJoseph
In the world of mirrorless photography, last week was an exciting one, as Panasonic announced a brand-new flagship camera to sit alongside their GH5, the new LUMIX G9. While the GH5 is a very capable stills camera (and, up until now, the best LUMIX for stills photography), it’s admittedly a very video-focused body. However, the G9 is all about the... Read more