You Still Have Time To See The Garry Winogrand: Color Exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum

Be sure to catch this fine-art show before it closes this Sunday, December 8, 2019
Garry Winogrand, Untitled (Houston, Texas), 1964 By now, you’ve most likely heard about Garry Winogrand’s exhibition of his color work at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. But the exhibition is only up until this Sunday, December 8. So if you haven’t gone to see it yet, I highly recommend that you do. It’s an exceptionally designed exhibition,... Read more

How An Essay By Ernst Haas Reminds Us Why We Photograph

Learn what a master from the film era has to say about why we love to shoot photos
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. © Amy Touchette In 1983, Eastman Kodak published The Joy of Photography, a book billed as “a guide to the tools and techniques of better photography.” In it was a special portfolio by photographer Ernst Haas, along with words he had written in 1979. I remember coming across the book a few years ago while waiting for prints to... Read more

A Street Photographer’s Guide To Choosing A Camera

Use these seven tips when considering the right tool to capture your street photography
When Oskar Barnack and Ernst Leitz invented the Leica 35mm camera in 1924, many street photographers happily put aside their large format cameras for its compact, unobtrusive body and fast captures. But now, almost 100 years later, the array of equipment that’s viable on the street has grown exponentially, both technically and creatively. If you’re... Read more

How To Fine-Tune Your Artist Statement

Follow these steps to fine-tune your artist statement and make it the best it can possibly be
Once you’ve written your artist statement, you’ll want to fine-tune it to make it the best it can possibly be. Follow these steps: Compare your draft to your project and to your practice as a photographer. Do the ideas and details portray you and your photography authentically? Delete those that don’t. Do any of the images in your series... Read more

How To Write Your Artist Statement

Communicate your project and personal vision in your artist statement with these writing tips
How To Write Your Artist Statement
An artist statement conveys not just what our images say, but all the things they can’t, by their very nature, say. It’s also a way to communicate our project and personal vision to others who aren’t privy to our thoughts and creative process. It tells people in our industry that we are serious, dedicated; that we’ve put time into thinking... Read more

Why You Actually Do Want To Write Your Artist Statement

Because when we write about our photographs, we’re forced to express what they portray and what compelled us to make them
Why You Actually Do Want To Write Your Artist Statement
We see the world in visual terms and we express ourselves through visual art. Had we wanted to express ourselves with words, we would have become writers, right? And yet, crafting an artist statement or writing about our work in some form, for one reason or the other, is inevitably asked of us. The good news is that any discomfort or frustration you... Read more

The Fundamentals Of Model And Property Releases

From individuals to property owners, find out under what circumstances you need model and property releases
The Fundamentals Of Model And Property Releases
When do you need to get a model release? Is the person in the photograph identifiable? If no, you don’t need a model release. If the person is identifiable, ask yourself: Is the image being used to advertise a product or service? If yes, get a model release. Is the image being used to further the interests of a business? If yes, get a model release. Do... Read more

How To Organize Your Digital Archive

Because if you can’t find your images, then they are as good as not taken
How To Organize Your Digital Archive
Any professional photographer will tell you that the time they spend on administrative tasks is probably double the time they spend actually photographing. Ranked most important among those administrative duties is the ongoing management of their digital archive. Because if you can’t find your images, then they are as good as not taken. The hardest... Read more

Use Apple Keynote For Video Motion Graphics

Apple Keynote is a great alternative to Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion for motion graphics for Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, Resolve or any NLE
If you’ve been wanting to make awesome animated lower thirds, animated callouts, title sequences and more, but don’t have the chops or want to learn Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion, then Apple Keynote may be the solution for you. Check out this tutorial on how to go from Keynote to Final Cut Pro X (or Premiere or Resolve), and see what... Read more

Exploitative Labor Practices At Louisiana State Penitentiary

30 years of photographs by Calhoun and McCormick at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
Men Going to Work in the Fields of Angola. 2004. Courtesy of the artist. © Chandra McCormick The impact of a photographer’s long-term commitment to a subject matter can’t be denied. When a body of photographs portrays people and a place over an extended period of time, viewers get the rare opportunity to start piecing together a much more holistic... Read more