Photographing And Touring India

India is on the “bucket list” for many travelers, but it’s a “big scary place” for a lot of people! The travel options can be overwhelming. I’m leading a tour/photography workshop through northeast India in the beginning of 2019. To help anyone interested understand just what it’s like there, I invited two good friends and professional photographers who both have recently traveled there to come on the show and share their experiences and their photographs. Even if you have no interest in going yourself, check out this these two amazing friends and see their beautiful images. And if you’re interested in joining us, visit to learn all about the trip!

In other videos over the past several weeks (I’ve been remiss in sharing these, sorry!), we’ve been very, very busy. Here’s a rundown of the most popular Photo Moments:

Using the X-Rite Color Checker to make cameras look the same

How to Shoot and Edit Video for IGTV! ► 1080p Rotated, or 4K Cropped?

Lightroom CC v1.4 Updates ► Resets, Presets, and Profiles! Oh My!

Wunder360 VR Camera ▶︎ Filming, then Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Panasonic Leica 50-200mm ▶︎ Sample Photos, Discussion, Comparisons

Aputure Amaran HR672 LED Light Panel ▶︎ Explored, Discussed, Evaluated

Epiphan Pearl Mini ▶︎ FULL TUTORIAL

Sokani X21 LED Light ► Explored & Compared to the Aputure AL-M9

Cheap Wireless Lav Mic Comica CVM-WM100 ▶︎ Is this Mic Any Good?

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