Shooting Video While Roaming The World

I recently traveled from home (the United States) where we have a 60Hz power system, to India, where they have a 50Hz power system. Artificial lighting in any shot will flicker annoyingly unless you set the shutter speed or shutter angle appropriately. It’s an easy thing to miss when it’s a small light in the corner of a scene, but once it’s there you’ll never unsee it. And, of course, if it covers the scene, well that’s just a ruined shot.

Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy fix. If you want to shoot slow motion (high frame rate) video, it gets even more complicated. But knowing what the limitations are will help you tackle the task and ensure that you get the shot right every time.

Of course, knowing camera settings is only part of the challenge. Packing the right gear, to begin with, is where it starts. Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared several travel-related videos that may help you as you get ready for any future adventures. Starting with the 50Hz / 60 Hz challenge, here are a few videos you’ll want to watch. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be continuing to explore this topic, including discussing my photo and video content workflow while traveling, so be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss a thing!

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The Journey to India! Travel Vlog #1

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