This “Leaked” Fujifilm Commercial for the New GFX100S Camera Is Actually Pretty Funny

Screenshot of Fuji ad

Camera commercials are seldom humorous and rarely – if we’re being perfectly honest – memorable but the below ad from Fujifilm USA for the just announced GFX100S medium format camera is both. Billed as a new “leaked” GFX100S commercial, the video spoofs both paranoid corporate culture and overzealous camera fanboys while also doing a good job of promoting Fujifilm’s new 102MP mirrorless model.

Without giving too much away, the commercial shows negotiations between a war room full of Fujifilm executives and a trio of camera fanatics who have “intercepted” the GFX100S prior to launch. The fanboys threaten to delete all the contents on the camera before it’s introduced to the public unless Fujifilm meets their demands. The punchline revolves around the price of the GFX100S, which is lower than a lot of photo industry journalists (including yours truly) expected.

Well done, Fujifilm! Camera companies aren’t known for their senses of humor or their pop culture awareness but this commercial hits the mark. It’s also starting to go viral, which is certainly what Fujifilm was also shooting for. Read our news story on the new Fujifilm GFX100S here.

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