Using Coverage: The Trick To Making Videos That Won’t Annoy People

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At a time when everyone is clamouring to create short video content for YouTube, Facebook and other social media, it’s great to know a few simple techniques to set yourself apart. As YouTube’s popularity exploded, there’s a style of jump-cut-laden video, like that in this episode’s opening that has become ubiquitous. It’s easy to understand why this is so common; this style is easy to create, and most amateurs don’t know any better.

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Using Coverage: The Trick To Making Videos That Won’t Annoy People

However, by applying the basic editing technique of coverage, you can smooth over gaps in your footage, and leave your audience with content that immediately strikes the viewer as more polished than the usual homemade YouTube content. While every style has its place, if you want to make yourself or your client look immediately more polished than the competition, this is a great technique to get familiar with.

This video is brought to you by our friends at TheCameraStoreTV

I want to thank Chris Niccolls, the host of TCSTV, for indulging me with this episode. While I think it functions well as a tutorial, it was also an opportunity to try and correct a trend with online video that I find intensely distracting. If you want your videos to reach viewers like me, learn to use that coverage!

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