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Watch Curious Penguins Take a Selfie with an Unattended Camera

Emperor penguins catch themselves on camera in Antarctica
Photo of penguins taking a selfie

Here’s a bit of fun on a snowy (at least where we live) Friday afternoon. Check out the below footage showing a pair of curious emperor penguins “captured in Antarctica getting up close and personal” with an unattended camera.

The cute and hilarious video was recorded when Australian photographer Eddie Gault left his camera on the ice at a penguin rookery in Antarctica with the video mode running.

“It didn’t take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie,” the Australian Antarctic Program (AAP), which featured the video, explained.

The 36-second clip below first shows a feet-level view of the two penguins waddling over to the camera. Then their two faces appear on screen as they get a birds-eye view of it. One of the two penguins appears to get a bit agitated (or excited?) and makes a trumpeting sound. They then start poking the lens with their beaks until they appear to lose interest. While the footage is from 2018, it went viral today after being shared on Digg.

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