Braxton Wilhelmsen

Story Behind the Shot:
My photo was part of a series I did as a student in my fourth year of college. We had an assignment to shoot some sport images, and with graduation coming soon, I wanted every photo I took to be something that could land me a job afterward. I asked another student, who does graphic design for an archery store, to model for me. She already had all the right gear and knowledge about the sport, so we worked together to make them as authentic as possible. She invited a friend of hers to join us, and we went up a local canyon before sunup. The sunrise was beautiful. Of all the shots I’ve ever made, this is the one with the most copyright violations. This image also got me an interview in Nebraska at the Cabela’s headquarters. They really loved it.

What Inspires Your Photography?
My photography is just an extension of my love of illustration. I just like creating idealistic images with some sense of story. My images tend to be clean, well lit, fake and painterly. I draw inspiration from many sources. I admire the work of Tim Tadder, Chris Crisman, Dean Bradshaw, John Keatley and Erik Almas. I try not to idolize anyone because these are just humans who have worked really hard and have been smart about making good connections to get where they are. I would very much like to work in the space they currently occupy, when my work is good enough. I’m always trying to get better.

How Do You Define Your Style?
My style should be easily visible in the images I produce for this project. I’ve done one shoot already, and I shot it mostly with natural light, so that’s a bit different. Regardless of my setup, it’s my concept, direction and tendency to shoot with the postproduction in mind that will keep the images looking consistent and identifiable

Canon EOS T3i, one strobe

Braxton Wilhelmsen

I am an advertising and lifestyle photographer. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Art in December 2012, and have since worked for a company here in Utah shooting product and lifestyle images. I love high production, and have worked very hard to improve my craft since I began shooting in 2010.

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