4 Great Ways to Sell More Photo Prints

Selling prints will help you increase revenue at your photography business
Photo of a photo print
Editor’s Note: The author is Director of Customer Engagement at Zenfolio and the owner/photographer at Portraits by Cheryl in Raleigh, NC. Having beautiful photo prints adorning their home’s walls benefits photography clients by serving as constant reminders of the joy they felt on the day of their shoot, but it can be equally as beneficial... Read more

How to Sell More Stock Photography: 5 Tips

Build your stock photography business with these top strategies
Editor’s Note: The author is Head of Content for Adobe Stock In the past few years, professional photographers have been pushed to adapt to a business and technological environment in total flux. Despite the many challenges brought on by the pandemic, social and political turmoil, and ongoing digital transformation, from what I’ve seen,... Read more

Can You Still Make Money from Stock Photography?

Two photographers from Mango Street explain how they cleared over $47K selling stock photos
Photo of stock photography tips
Once upon a time, photographers could earn a pretty decent living licensing their images as stock photography. But that’s all changed as the stock photography market has collapsed from the popularity of less lucrative microstock images, royalty-free licensing, public domain photo usage, and downright image theft on the Internet. Or has it? In... Read more

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Photographer

Four steps to growing a photography business to six figures
Photo of photography business tips
The goal of many professional photographers when they’re starting out is to eventually build a six-figure business. But getting to earning $100,000 a year as a photographer can be a challenge. In the below video from Atlanta-based pro Evan Ranft, he explains how he was able to reach that elusive goal for his photography business. “Today... Read more

5 Old-School Tips to Land More Photography Jobs

Direct communication with potential clients cuts through the digital noise
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(Editor’s Note: Jessica Sterling is a Los Angeles-based brand photographer. You can find out more about her on her website.) In this age of social media, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the impact of direct, live, human communication. For me, meeting people face-to-face or reaching out on the phone, is essential to booking work. Not only... Read more

How to Create Cover Photos That Sell: 5 Tips

It is not enough to take a cover photo; you have to make an image that works
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(Editor’s Note: James Patrick is an award-winning photographer, best-selling author, entrepreneur coach, podcast host and public speaker based in Phoenix, AZ. You can learn more about him at JamesPatrick.com.) It is not enough to take a cover photo; you have to make an image that works. A strong cover has to stand out against other magazines on... Read more

How to Start an Engaging Photography Podcast: 6 Tips

Podcasting is not only great for marketing yourself, it keeps you connected to the photo community
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(Editor’s Note: Jason Groupp is a St. Louis-based portrait photographer specializing in family portraiture. You can learn more about him on his website.) Some people took up knitting during the pandemic while others started baking bread. For me, I concentrated on my podcast and it’s one of the best things I’ve done to keep me connected... Read more

How Much Can a Photographer Make on YouTube?

Money from YouTube is not just about ad revenue. It's about marketing and branding
Photo for YouTube revenue model
Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen the rise of photography channels on YouTube. And in the wake of the pandemic, which has limited many in-person assignments for professional photographers, more and more of these channels are being run by pros seeking to find new sources of income. But how... Read more

5 Tips to Help You Find a Great Photo Studio

The pandemic is actually an ideal time to find a space for your studio photography shoots
Photo of photo studio storefront
(Editor’s Note: David DuPuy is a New York City-based photographer specializing in family portraiture, professional headshots, event and product photography. You can learn more about him on his website.) A global pandemic might not seem like a good time to go looking for a new photography studio, but I’m someone who believes in turning obstacles... Read more

3 Bulletproof Tips to Get Your Photography Noticed Now

As Steve Martin said: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
Main photo get your photography noticed now
(Editor’s Note: This post by photographer Chase Jarvis first appeared on CreativeLive’s blog. Visit CreativeLive for helpful online photography classes including this one on how to create a photography profile with impact.) If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you most likely know my M.O. by now: put your photography... Read more