Stock is Dead. Long Live Stock.

Inti St. Clair makes authentic and beautiful lifestyle images for advertising clients and significant stock sales
Stock photography is dead. That’s what everybody told me, anyway, until I met Inti St. Clair. She’s a lifestyle photographer who got her start in stock more than a decade ago. Stock photography, she assures me, is alive and well, even if it isn’t always treated with the respect it deserves. “Stock photography over the years has gotten a bad... Read more

Is Your Agent Really Your Agent?

Legal and business implications of working with stock agencies
Periodically, I encounter photographers who are frustrated with the agents and stock photo agencies that license their work. Although the particulars may vary, there are some common themes: agencies that take too high of a percentage of the license rates as a fee for passively licensing photographers’ images, agencies giving publishers favorable pricing... Read more

The Business Of Creativity

Shooting stock photos and video can be as liberating as it is profitable
Creating content for stock means anticipating the needs of a wide variety of users. Images and footages need to be generic enough to fit multiple uses, but specific enough to suit the needs of a given project. It’s 2018, and as a still photographer, videographer or cinematographer, making the same income or increasing your income can be challenging... Read more

Multi-Person Studio

A true team of innovative equals
The members of France Photographers are good friends and a great team.
The members of France Photographers are good friends and a great team. Sara France spent years making a name for herself as a photographer in the wedding industry before she created France Photographers. Combining her love of travel and photography with her deep personal beliefs around empowering women in business, Sara designed a groundbreaking business... Read more

Enforcing Your Copyright Tomorrow And Beyond

Copyright law is changing, but will it be for the better or for the worse?
Recently, while thinking about the future of copyright enforcement, I was reminded of one of Robin Williams’ comedic visions of the future. “In the future,” he quipped, “we’ll travel at the speed of light; they’ll have to lose our luggage beforehand.” The same sort of vision of the future seems to apply to copyright enforcement. While... Read more

See, And Be Seen

How to get your portfolio in front of editors
business of photography
With so many talented photographers in the market, creating and maintaining relationships with editors is critical to the success of your business. Here are simple tips for expanding your profile in the editorial market and getting your foot in the door with publications and brands. Update Your Business Profile Professional editors desire to work with... Read more

Video Viewpoint: Staying Current In Today’s Media Landscape

Remaining grounded, profitable and moving forward as the video and cinema world shifts beneath you
video business
The business facts, on their face, seem grim. In video and digital cinema, the tools are better, cheaper and more accessible to the masses than they have ever been. Software is quickly making many production tools and techniques obsolete. How people consume media is changing everything in our business. Award-winning films like Tangerine, shot on smartphones,... Read more

Social Media: Brand Recognition

We ask a major brand what it’s looking for in a social media photographer and in its online campaigns
social media photographer
Instagram influence is about nuance, and in this instance, the escape of riding off into the mountains with nothing but a bedroll and a long beard. Photo courtesy of R. Mankoff Brands are turning to Instagram to find influencers, and we asked Sean Estes, the global PR manager of Specialized, a bicycle manufacturer, about the process. Specialized was... Read more

Sony: Lessons On Business And Passion Learned In Japan

On a first-ever trip to Sony’s Japanese image sensor factory and headquarters, much was revealed about Sony’s photographic business
Sony photographic business
Digital Photo Pro was among a select group of U.S. media invited by Sony to make a trip to Japan to visit the company’s Kumamoto sensor factory and its Tokyo-based global headquarters. At the meetings at the locations, Sony revealed quite a bit about its recent sales successes, as well as some of the missteps it has made along the way and some business... Read more

Throw The Book At Them: A Selection Of Output Services For Photographers

Choices abound for the wedding and portrait photographer looking to give their clients stunning books and prints
output services for photographers
The key thing that most people don’t understand when they embark on a career in wedding photography is that the photography is only one part of the business. I’m not referring to the pounds of paperwork and the endless self-promotion that occupy the bulk of a wedding photographer’s day, but instead to the tangible final product. While a number... Read more

Media Matters

Some recent events within the cinema and video production worlds are causing us to take a fresh look at our shooting media needs
With recent industry events, recording media strategy depends on your camera, how much footage you’re shooting—and whether you can afford the media
Panasonic AU-EVA1 Super 35 Handheld Cinema Camera Some recent events within the cinema and video production worlds have caused us to take a fresh look at our shooting media needs. You know, those cards and/or drives that we use to record our best efforts, dreams and wishes manifested as zeros and ones? Two different relatively earth-shaking events... Read more

Video Production Gear Budgeting

How to budget smartly for professional video and cinema gear
video gear budget
“Should I buy this piece of gear?” I see this posted often, and since I’m in possession of at least a few gray hairs, I’m asked the same question on a pretty consistent basis. People often spend inordinate amounts of time curating and writing out a long and often well-researched gear list that they’re thinking about buying. It could be a camera... Read more