Luggage That Won’t Break

After a series of recent luggage fails, it was time for an upgrade
photo hardshell cases
Timing-wise, after an unusual run of three luggage pieces failing (my luck was up, I guess), Homeland Security banned large electronics—laptops, cameras, tablets—from 10 specific airports with departures to the U.S. And, that means, if you happened to be traveling, say, on Emirates back from Dubai when this order went in place, then your camera,... Read more

Inside Sony’s Thailand Factory

An exclusive look at the Sony factory where the a7-series cameras and lenses are made
A quiet room, full of workers—mostly women—stand at stations on the factory line. Precise motions, quick and skilled, as hands turn and work familiarly over the surface of a new camera. This camera and these lenses we watch them build, the Sony a7R II and E-mount lenses today, are made of a variety of components—some from within Sony’s factory... Read more

Social Media: Death Of The Influencer

It’s not the influence that matters, but your work
social media death of the influencer
While it looks like a simple social media location shot, this was part of a week-long campaign for the airline ANA that was shared on social media and used in print. For this campaign, Pei Ketron was hired by the airline to showcase the many destinations served by ANA. For some photographers trying to make their career on social media, the idea of becoming... Read more

On The Road Again

Demystifying the art of booking photographic travel
Jordan Matter
We profiled photographer Jordan Matter in the November 2015 issue of Digital Photo Pro, and since then he’s been on the road continually working on his newest book. In fact, Matter’s been on the road nearly constantly for the last few years, shooting images and compiling material for his various projects. We couldn’t think of anyone with better... Read more

Image Management in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is about to revolutionize the art and science of digital asset management
Artificial Intelligence
The same type of technology that allows Tesla cars to drive themselves is about to transform the way photographers organize and retrieve digital image files. It’s artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s about to become the next big thing. Whereas traditional computing is based on a set of manmade rules, AI uses artificial neural networks that are... Read more

Vision To Visuals: Small Country, Global Focus

It’s not too often that we get asked by consulates of countries to encapsulate their past, present and future legacies into dynamic visual experiences, so I was quite intrigued in October 2008 when the Principality of Monaco asked us to do just that.

This Article Features Photo Zoom It’s not too often that we get asked by consulates of countries to encapsulate their past, present and future legacies into dynamic visual experiences, so I was quite intrigued in October 2008 when the Principality of Monaco asked us to do just that. Now Monaco always has conjured for me a vision of royalty,... Read more

Defending Your Copyright Could Cost You

How recent rulings in DMCA takedown cases could jeopardize your rights and result in big penalties

A recent court decision may have a significant impact on photographers and other copyright owners who send DMCA (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998) takedown notices to online providers. In a nutshell, those who fail to perform an adequate analysis, including a fair use analysis, prior to sending a takedown notice may subject themselves... Read more

Dan Rubin: The New Face Of Social Media

Or how to get 750,000 followers and establish yourself as the poster child for Instagram without really trying

Before the rise of Instagram, Dan Rubin didn’t consider himself a photographer. He didn’t expect to have three-quarters of a million followers on Instagram. He hadn’t envisioned a career of flying around the world to shoot social-media and advertising campaigns for major companies. In fact, while he was drawn to photography in his teens, it... Read more

The Transforming Nature Of Fair Use

The concept of fair use is a double-edged sword, allowing photographers to create new works, but also threatening copyright at the same time

Accuse someone of engaging in copyright infringement and one of the more common responses you’re likely to receive from the accused infringer is that it’s a “fair use.” If anecdotal evidence is any indication, most photographers who have attempted to enforce their rights have experienced this sort of response at one time or another. This reality... Read more

Move Forward With Social Media

Introduce and publicize your photography to others without falling into a time-wasting black hole

It could be said that half the battle for photographers, beyond taking a great photo, is finding a way for people to see that great photo. The ability to find online exposure of your work has evolved from photo forum websites to photo-sharing sites and now social-networking sites. At each step of this evolution, it has become easier to have one’s... Read more