Vision To Visuals: Change The World

Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds and making a difference

It was more than 10 years ago when we first worked with acclaimed photographer Russell James. He had been commissioned by Hermès to create a site-specific installation at the Academy of Art in Tribeca. James, already pushing his fashion photography into an experimental fine-art genre, was exploring the theme of the “nomad” in his photography... Read more

Vision To Visuals: Culture Club

A nightlife hot spot uses artistic fashion photography to set the tone

Of all experiences in New York City that can make a newcomer feel like an instant New Yorker, spending an evening in one of the city’s famed nightclubs has to be among the top five. In the ’80s and the ’90s, clubs like Studio 54, Roxy, Limelight, Palladium and Webster Hall gained a cult status among the uninitiated in New York. That... Read more

The Fair Use Quandary

The anatomy of a copyright infringement dispute

Much has been written recently regarding Jay Maisel’s enforcement of his copyrights, and especially of the demand that he made against Portland, Oregon-based Andy Baio, a self-described writer and tech entrepreneur, arising from Baio’s unauthorized use of the cover art from one of Miles Davis’ records. The vast majority of commentary... Read more

Vision To Visuals: A Moveable Feast

Painter Nicole Etienne experiments with photography and printing

"I was hooked like a magpie to shiny things," says Nicole Etienne, the dynamic young painter known for her "luscious" paintings, of her first encounter with print materials at Duggal. Etienne had lived close to the Duggal headquarters in the Flatiron District for almost a decade before she moved to London. Remembering her walks past... Read more

Stay On Track

Before filing a lawsuit, consider the possible ramifications and what victory or loss will accomplish

One of the inevitable realities that any business involved in image creation and/or licensing will encounter is discovering instances where the business’ copyrights have been infringed. It’s important to keep business goals in mind when confronted with any sort of legal issue, and infringement is no exception. Increasingly, I find that... Read more

Vision To Visuals: Art And The Downtown Alliance

Wrapping post-9/11 construction zones in transformative art

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 arrived in our city with grace. Valiant reconstruction efforts that have silently been at play in the past decade revealed a rejuvenated New York. Lower Manhattan’s once desolate neighborhoods are now burgeoning with new businesses, and neighborhoods are showing the creative resolve of political and business figures... Read more

Under Fire

In an era of “cell phone” photojournalism, does the professional photographer still have a role?

During the recent uprisings in the Middle East commonly referred to as the Arab Spring, the people of the region were able to circumvent censorship and bring governments to their knees, thanks in large part to cell phone and mobile digital technology. Images and videos were disseminated to the world via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr... Read more

Vision To Visuals: Audacity!

A multimedia artist who embodies zest for living

Fashion photography and wildlife photography are such distinctly different genres that to imagine the two together in a single frame, one must attempt to reconcile the paradoxical imagery of fashion models in glamorous urban studios against the thrilling scenes of wild beasts in their natural habitats. Any photographer who attempts to merge these two... Read more

Vision To Visuals: Reconnections

Korean artist Ahae created a huge archive of a narrow vista

Alfred Stieglitz, the father of modern photography, once famously remarked, "Claims of art won’t do. Let the photographer make a perfect photograph. And if he happens to be a lover of perfection and a seer, the resulting photograph will be straight and beautiful—a true photograph." Ahae, a Korean naturalist and photographer in his... Read more


Taking matters into your own hands can backfire, so don’t play the fool when enforcing your copyrights. In the Wild West world of the Internet, everything isn’t necessarily as cut-and-dried as it seems.

In this age of digital imaging, it’s only a matter of time before anyone who distributes images, electronically or otherwise, will find his or her images used without consent and copyrights infringed. Since one can make a perfect copy of an original image by simply copying the digital file, the technical issues that once made it difficult to copy... Read more