Amir Lavon

When The Flowers Cry

Story Behind the Shot: Just after finishing my studies at summer 2006 the second Lebanon war took place at my back yard and without thinking I found myself outside with camera near the north border. One of my strongest memories from that war is going to one of my friend’s house asking for his photo just after the army announcement of him being... Read more

Emily Perez

Mission To Mars

Story Behind the Shot: I attended a fashion show in 2010 that inspired a planet based personal project that I am still shooting currently. I sought out the couture designers featured that night. The designer Merlin Castell had an amazing collection that I felt would best represent the planet Mars. After carefully planning the right location, the right... Read more

Laura Bello


Story Behind the Shot: Model Julia Icone, Makeup Artist Amanda Marsala and I have worked together on numerous occasions in the past. In April 2014 we wanted to stretch our creative muscles and do some close up beauty work for our portfolios. We decided to focus on warm toned couture makeup and keep the rest of the image very clean without any other... Read more

Marco De Matteo

Dark Spring

Story Behind the Shot: I took this picture during a photographic beauty workshop to learn more about the use of lights in the portrait. Looking at the photo a few days later, during a boring rainy spring Sunday, I was inspired by the weather. I was fascinated to make a concept like spring, usually very joyful and colorful, in a more dark and gloomy... Read more

Todd McVey

Kid Fencer 4

Story Behind the Shot: I wanted to explore the fine art of fencing through the kids at my daughters’ fencing school. The sport isn’t all that big in the U. S. and it has something of an elitist air about it. Very stiff, only the more well-off are allowed to partake. I just wanted to poke some fun at it – no pun intended – each kid... Read more

Evelyn Murphy


Story Behind the Shot: I have always loved images that are merged or composited as they bring together a lot of different elements. This idea came to me during the shoot in January 2014. I asked my model, Kelsey to strike a series of poses that I could merge together to create one composite. Initially, I was going to use 3-5 shots, but as I got started,... Read more

Roberto Ojeda

Urban Sunrise

Story Behind the Shot: This photo was a personal project when I was in Ecuador in April 2014. My mom had been after me for a while to take a photo of her. A very talented fashion artist and friend of mine in Miami, Belinda, let me borrow several of her hand made dresses to take to Ecuador with me and shoot them in contrast with the colonial / 3rd world... Read more

Stephen Schultz


Story Behind the Shot: Reflection was shot in my home studio back in 2009. I was playing with this effect that I had created, using Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint and Paint Shop Pro. It was a wet chrome look that I was applying to the human form, kind of a “Silver Surfer” look. While I was shooting with the model, I decided that I wanted to... Read more

Aitai Shakibafar

Girl In The Room

Story Behind the Shot: I went to another city to study for a Masters of Arts degree. To do this, I lived in the dorms for a while. My friends in the dorms became like sisters to me. Every night we would talk and I would take photos of them. They all loved the photos. This shot was taken about 6 months ago and shows off one of the main characters in... Read more

Kaz Canning

Shadowed Passage

Story Behind the Shot: One of the spots I knew I needed to see while I was in New York during May of 2014 was Central Park. I started off in the Financial District on the far southern point of the city trying to get some sightseeing in before a late afternoon storm got too severe. With mild weather that weekend, the park was buzzing with activity.... Read more

Khaled Hasan

The Stateless Syrian In Exile

Story Behind the Shot: This is my personal documentary project "The Stateless Syrian in Exile" on Syrian Refugee people. ( Though the life of a Refugee camp is good for the people living here, they have not felt the same freedom like their own land. There is no future for the children. Hope only belongs to the few powerful... Read more

Katelyn Brown

Into The Abyss

Story Behind the Shot: In July, 2014, my model and I were on site climbing on sea walls and jetties until we were so unbearably hot that we ran into the water. Quickly I saw an opportunity as we waded further into the hazy water and wanted to capture elements that surrounded us. Enjoying the cool refreshing water, she naturally posed herself until she... Read more