Contender: Tim Engle

Wrap 2

Photographer: Tim Engle Sacramento native Tim Engle cultivated a passion for photography in his early teens and has since successfully turned that love into a full time career. Flowing seamlessly between portraits, fashion, avant-garde, and commercial photography, KVIE PBS selected him as one of California’s Master Photographers in 2011. ... Read more

Contender: Susan Eckert


Photographer: Susan Eckert Susan sketched and painted all her life. But it wasn’t until she picked up a camera in earnest that Susan found her ideal vehicle for expression. Her multiracial, multiethnic background taught her to feel comfortable crossing lines, living outside of standard checkboxes. Susan has discovered that marrying old world... Read more

Contender: Andy Goodwin


Photographer: Andy Goodwin In business for 25 years and largely self taught, I shoot about 75% on location and rent studio space for the other 25%. My clients are mostly ad agencies, but I also shoot for design firms and a small list of magazines where I can stretch my creativity a bit more. I’m always working on personal projects and update... Read more

Contender: Kristina Varaksina


Photographer: Kristina Varaksina The art of photography is my strongest passion. I believe its impact on people cannot be overestimated. I live in New York, NY. I hold a MFA in Photography from Academy of Art San Francisco. I often come to San Francisco and Moscow, Russia. I love traveling, observing how people live in different parts of the world,... Read more

Contender: Ryan Brown

Shop Owner

Photographer: Ryan Brown In 2003, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Photography with a Minor in Business Administration. I have been a portrait photographer ever since graduation. In 2005, I opened a portrait and wedding studio in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. Since 2005, I have spent time photographing and traveling while always... Read more

Contender: John Gasca


Photographer: John Gasca My background and experience comes from a career in video & film production and postproduction. I have always been into photography, but more recently have started doing it professionally (part-time). I enjoy blending all of my experience in photography, lighting, editing and visual effects to create portraits and photographs... Read more