The Face Contender: Patrizia Burra


Photographer: Patrizia Burra With this image, I wanted to create a portrait of evanescent atmosphere. The purpose of this study was to infuse a contemporary choreography with an ancient one. In fact, the model does not have the appearance of a modern woman, but a figure reminiscent of a distant era. But the tattoo brings you back to the present,... Read more

The Face Contender: Roberto Soares-Gomes


Photographer: Roberto Soares-Gomes This photo was taken in June 2005. I photographed my daughter Carla with Negueti, her boyfriend at the time, who was an employee of Image Nation, a Photo Stock Agency I own. Canon EOS 20D, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM, Brancolor Impact flash, Photoshop 5.1 1/250 sec., f/20, 200mm, ISO 100 Read More → Read more

The Face Contender: John Wheatley

Gender Queer

Photographer: John Wheatley This photo is my attempt to visually communicate the psychological experience of living as a closeted transgender individual. It depicts the sometimes overwhelming feelings of shame, ugliness, self-loathing, sadness and isolation. This was a project that I had thought about doing for a long time, but the idea for the shot... Read more

The Face Contender: Hildebrando Acosta

Mr 11

Photographer: Hildebrando Acosta I want to do an exhibition here in London in conjunction with the office of The Mayor of London, so I used as subjects the bus drivers of the route 11 in London. The exhibition has not happened but hopefully it will happen one day. The gentleman in that picture is called Mark. He is lovely person, very chatty and always... Read more

The Face Contender: Ravindra Tanwar

Nomads Caged Childhood In Kashmir

Photographer: Ravindra Tanwar There’s still a need of food, education and shelter with daily necessity …. Nomads life in Kashmir still leads to lot of difficulties. Population of Gujjars and Bakerwals in Jammu and Kashmir are living below poverty line (BPL) and do not get even sufficient food. The survey says that the Gujjars of the Himalayan... Read more

The Face Contender: Javan Ng

Life Of A Model

Photographer: Javan Ng This photograph was taken at a recent photo shoot in New York City with male model, Stephan Mac Guire, from Paraguay. While waiting for Stephan to be ready, I saw his facial expression when the makeup artists worked on him. They were brushing, painting and wiping his face, and he just sat there patiently. I wanted to capture... Read more

The Face Contender: Laura Bello


Photographer: Laura Bello The image titled "Rylie" is part of an ongoing body of portrait work centered on clean, concept-free shots of models similar to test shots or headshots. Much of my other work is more of an editorial style or more creative beauty. When I work with someone for the first time, I like to shoot something simple to get... Read more

The Face Contender: Alex Skoczen


Photographer: Alex Skoczen This photo was take on 9/24/15 at 7:02 a.m. in Monterey, California, at Fishermen’s Wharf Dock, which is almost a half-mile long. I had been watching this lonely, elderly man fish for the last three mornings and finally got up enough nerve to ask if I could photograph him while he was fishing. All I really know about... Read more

The Face Contender: Jamie Brancoccio

Someone’s Father

Photographer: Jamie Brancoccio Now that cell phones have become ubiquitous, basically everyone has a camera with them at all times. Despite this, I feel that most people who are not used to being in front of a camera still feel either apprehensive or compelled to pose in some way. Therefore, it’s the honest moment that tends to elude us. When... Read more