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Adam ReignAdam Reign

Adam ReignNew York City & Miami based photographer and filmmaker, Adam Reign has 10 years of on-set experience and is regularly commissioned as a photographer, director and DP/cameraman. His images are known for their "raw, real and authentic" quality, making his work relevant to his advertising and documentary projects. He prides himself on having complete control over the image; from its framing to its lighting and overall aesthetic. He has experience with aerial photography and is a PADI certified underwater photographer/cameraman.

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When did you shoot these photos?
March 16, 2012

What was this project for?
This was a commissioned shoot by recording artist Akon’s record label.

Can you tell us the story behind photos?
These photographs were taken during the filming of Akon’s music video "Hurt Somebody," directed by my good friend Gil Green of 305 Films. I was sent into the fire with one instruction – "go do your thing, Adam!" With that in mind, I actively searched for small moments. My goal is to capture the participants as true to life as possible. In the cast with Akon, is Perrine, FL’s own street fighter, Dada 5000. In the final image, Akon goes for the classic finishing move with a jump kick off the fence, and the big guy goes down. You can view the rest of the series here:

What cameras did you shoot with?
Contax 645

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