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Alex AnderAlex Ander

Alex AnderAlex Ander began making images at age 12 when he mentored under Keith Drowsin. They worked closely for many years. When Keith passed, he bestowed his equipment to Alex who continues to produce artwork in Keith’s legacy. Independent and self motivated, Alex studied images through his college years, becoming an active member of the arts community. Since then, Alex has continued the practice of creation in film, photography, and design. Alex loves non-fiction reading, David Attenborough documentaries, and travel. And blueberry oatmeal. Especially blueberry oatmeal.

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When did you shoot these photos?

What are the photos for? Are they part of a personal project or for a Job?
A passion project.

Can you tell us the story behind the shoot?
I come from a film and photography background and I’m fascinated by the intersection of these two mediums. When I shoot photography, I try to make it look like filmmaking & visa versa. Kinetic Photography expresses this ethos. By freezing objects as they splatter, fly, drift, explode, and shoot through the air, time is suspended. The photos hint at the action beyond the frame. It implies a larger narrative. My goal with the images is to imply a story with a beginning, middle, & end all within a single frame.

What cameras did you shoot with?
Nikon D80 and D700

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