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Alex AnderAlex Ander

Alex Ander Alex Ander began making images at age 12 when he mentored under Keith Drowsin. They worked closely for many years. When Keith passed, he bestowed his equipment to Alex who continues to produce artwork in Keith’s legacy. Independent and self motivated, Alex studied images through his college years, becoming an active member of the arts community. Since then, Alex has continued the practice of creation in film, photography, and design. Alex loves non-fiction reading, David Attenborough documentaries, and travel. And blueberry oatmeal. Especially blueberry oatmeal.

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When did you make this film?
Fall, 2012

What was this for? Was it a personal project? A job?
A passion project.

Can you tell us the story behind the film?
Excuse Me, Father is a single-shot music video. Filmed at dusk, it features the New York skyline from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. The unique distortion pattern is all ‘in-camera’ and was discovered while floating across the Icelandic Seas in summer 2012. I’m calling the technique "Geo-morphing". The distortion melts the world inside the frame, turning it into a graceful wave of anti-physics. Not quite a dream sequence. Not quite a hallucinogenic romp. It’s just another way to bend the world and reframe it from a different perspective.

What camera did you shoot with?
I prefer not to say at this time.

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