Contender: Andy Goodwin

Photographer: Andy Goodwin

In business for 25 years and largely self taught, I shoot about 75% on location and rent studio space for the other 25%. My clients are mostly ad agencies, but I also shoot for design firms and a small list of magazines where I can stretch my creativity a bit more. I’m always working on personal projects and update my site and Facebook pages regularly. Recent clients include John Deere, Pentax, Tropicana and Forbes. I feel extremely blessed to do what I do for a living!

Story behind the shot: This was part of a campaign that I worked on for Nucor Steel in Texas and North Carolina about two years ago. I fell in love with this guy’s face and asked if I could do a portrait of him with his cigarette.

Favorite moment during the shoot: He first declined. He didn’t want his wife to know he smoked, but later a greed.

Biggest challenge: None, I was working with one of my favorite art directors— Scott Emond.

How do you define your style? I photograph mostly "real people," and lately, it’s been a lot of real people in gritty environments, which I love. I just try to make them look heroic and important.

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Parabolic Bron Kobold umbrellas.

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