Contender: Andy Jarosz

Xi kroiAndy Jarosz

Xi kroiFrom a young age, Andy’s passion for filmmaking drove him to learn more and more about every aspect of creating images. In high school, Andy started taking photographs and appreciated the challenges that still images provided. Andy continues this work in the Chicago area in addition to his work at rental house Daufenbach Camera. Always interested in mechanical and electronic design, he also builds custom products for film and photography.

{loadposition inpage}When did you shoot these photos?
Throughout 2012-2013

What are the photos for? Are they part of a personal project or for a Job?
These photos were done for personal projects. I’m the type of person that might only take 9 or 10 pictures an entire shoot, and only be truly happy with 1!

Can you tell us the story behind the shoot in a paragraph or two?
My ideal photograph is something that appears to be more then meets the eye. I love when a photo makes the viewer not only see the subject, but consider the world around them. Coming from a background in film, I’m used to dealing with a thousand variables that motion creates–focus, camera movement, etc. When I take stills, I don’t have access to these tools, yet my desire to tell a complete story is still there. The second photo is inspired by the game Bioshock, which I love the art style of. The entire shoot was solely for that one photo–we didn’t take any more that day! The third picture in this set is one of my favorites; it shows a soldier with his hands behind his back in a dark, smoke filled room. Not only don’t we know where he is, we can barely even see him, yet our mind fills in the blanks where light leaves off.

What cameras did you shoot with?
Panasonic GH1 with Canon FD lenses. 

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