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Casey SteinCasey Stein

Casey Stein Casey Stein fell into shooting at a very young age thanks to the influence of late 90’s skateboarding videos, and soon branched out to explore narrative storytelling and photography. His approach to shooting is direct, character driven, and motivated. Casey has been photographing narrative and commercial films for eight years. He’s a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and you might spot him riding over the Williamsburg Bridge on his bike.

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When did you make this film?
Filmed in May, 2012 and finished editing in 2013.

What was this for? Was it a personal project? A job?
A personal project. I’ve been a cyclist my entire life and I felt I owed a little praise and gratitude to my bike.

Can you tell us the story behind the film?
Boy on a Bike follows Henry throughout his life – interweaving the various companions along the way, the most important of which being his bicycle. Told from sunrise to sunset, in one day, the story shows the three women in Henry’s life. We shot for 2 days in Mohegan Lake, New York, and Rutherford, New Jersey.  We had two hundred feet of dolly track running along these streets. It was an impressive display of steel to say the least!

What camera did you shoot with?

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