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Cindy McDaniel

Where are you based?
Meridian, Mississippi

When did you take the photograph?
September, 2010

What equipment did you use?
Canon PowerShot D10

Please describe how you got this photo?
This was one of my first attempts at underwater portraiture using nothing but a Canon PowerShot D10. I had wanted to try this and I thought going as inexpensively as I could was the way to go. I took this shot in a backyard pool with a fully dressed model and an assistant there merely to hold me down under the water. I love the unpredictability of the water and have fun doing it. Not having the higher quality camera, underwater housing and lights, I found that the photos needed some enhancing. I started using Photoshop and assorted actions on them. I would like to own some nice underwater equipment in the future to see what I could capture with proper control, light, etc., but for now I am happy experimenting and creating what I like to think is more than just a photo, but art.

Did you use any special techniques?
I can’t recall the exact Photoshop formula on this image but I enhanced the makeup and iris, smoothed the skin and cloned out random bubbles and hair strands. The blue tint comes from the pools liner and water. My software of choice is: Photoshop, MCP Actions, Topaz Labs plugins and Portrait Professional.

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