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Eric AshleighEric Ashleigh

Eric Ashleigh Eric Ashleigh is a Philadelphia based creative currently working in photo, design and videography. Over the past two years, his ideas have been adapting organically with technology, and now more than ever he has the ability to turn his ideas into art.  No longer are his stories captured with only a single frame, but with a more physical form and motion. While digital work is not as tactile as working with his hands, Eric is grateful that it’s given us all the ability to be more productive and push ideas forward.

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When did you make this film?
December, 2012

What was this for?
A personal project with my close friend and photographer, Jason Blake. 

Can you tell us the story behind the film?
One day, in my usual city exploration, I stumbled upon an asphalt graveyard. It resembled a land far away from the inner-city Philadelphia and created a feeling that you could be so close to home yet still feel so removed. I wanted to capture that feeling so the vision for ‘Calm’ was built solely from that experience. We built a team and jumped in. It was cold and rainy and I asked for that feeling to be used in the model’s actions. I wanted to make the film about the energy and allow the clothing to fit the mood.

What camera did you shoot with?
Nikon D600

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