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Eric HinesEric Hines

Eric Hines Eric Hines is a photographer, timelapse cinematographer and aspiring filmmaker from Northwest Indiana. Exploring the photographic arts for three years, he has experimented with different genres but was immediately drawn to the beauty of landscape and cityscape photography due to both its simplicity and complexity. Starting with his small camera, a tripod and a shutter remote, he began teaching himself the basics and learned techniques to improve upon it.

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When did you make this film?
July through October, 2012

What was this for? Was it a personal project? A job?
Personal project.

Can you tell us the story behind the film?
I grew up about 45 minutes away from Chicago in Indiana. Even though I grew up so close, I never got to explore the city. I would only see it from a distance if I was passing it with family. Seeing the city lights come alive at night with hustle and bustle of the people attracted me to capture the unique energy. I had been taking photographs for a little over three years now and shooting time-lapse for two. It’s something I have fallen in love with and has fueled my desire to do video work as well.

What camera did you shoot with?
Canon EOS 5D Mk III

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