Contender: John Gasca

Photographer: John Gasca

My background and experience comes from a career in video & film production and postproduction. I have always been into photography, but more recently have started doing it professionally (part-time). I enjoy blending all of my experience in photography, lighting, editing and visual effects to create portraits and photographs for magazines and the fashion industry. I love the collaboration process and believe that each person on the team helps to ultimately create a stronger image.

Story behind the shot: This was a promotional image shot in my home studio for my friend Cassie Walter in August 2014. She is the singer/songwriter for her band Semisweet. She used it as the artwork for her song "Crazy with You" on SoundCloud. The first part of the shoot was high key in a white room using only window light. This was shot next in my studio as part of a low-key dramatic series.

Favorite moment during the shoot: This was the last of four impromptu hair toss shots that we decided to try. My favorite moment was when I showed her the image on the back of my DSLR. I believe her exact words were "That is so sick."

Biggest challenge: I had really never done such a dramatic low-key image in my studio. It is a small space with white walls, ceiling and floor. The challenge was to prevent the light from bouncing all around the room. I accomplished this with a black V-Flat behind her, using a small soft box with grid, and using a large black cloth draped over a C-Stand opposite the key light to absorb the spill.

How do you define your style? That is a great question. I find my style evolving over time, but the one constant is the desire to create an interesting dynamic image that catches the viewer’s attention. I believe we accomplished that.

Equipment: Canon EOS 7D, Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC, LumoPro LP180 speed light, Photoflex Silverdome 16×20 soft box with grid, Manfrotto MT190CXPRO3
Instagram: @GASCAPHOTO

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