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Lana GramlichLana Gramlich

Lana GramlichLana Gramlich, an award-winning, internationally-collected artist and photographer, was born Friday the 13th in the Bermuda Triangle and sold on the black market. Raised on the Gold Coast of Long Island, N.Y., she lived in Canada for 15 years before moving to New Orleans in 2003. Her works have appeared in various formats, from coloring books to network T.V. A member of numerous art and nature groups, Lana often works with non-profit organizations and/or charity events in an effort to give back. She lives with her husband in the piney woods of Abita Springs, where their yard, a certified wildlife habitat, supports scores of wild critters.

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When did you shoot these photos?
Around sunrise on January 26, 2013.

What are the photos for?
A personal project.

Can you tell us the story behind the shoot in a paragraph or two?
Unpredictable and often fleeting, fog makes for great atmosphere in photos, so I always rise before dawn when it’s forecast for the morning. This day I was faced with the quandary. I could go to the nature preserve a mile from my home, yet again, where there was sure to be fog. Or I could drive 20 miles to Fontainebleau State Park and take the chance on fog among the huge, ancient, moss draped live oaks. Ultimately I was richly rewarded with the longer drive. Situated on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, the fog at the park was nice and thick, and it lasted for hours.

What cameras did you shoot with?
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

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