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Rei KroiRei Kroi

Rei KroiI’m an independent filmmaker and I have been working together with my partner Simon Alejandro Saner for many years. We founded a small film production company in 2008. Usually, we shoot music videos or commercials and we’re constantly looking for avenues of expression that combine emotion and passion into film and photography. I’m currently studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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When did you shoot these photos?

What are the photos for? Are they part of a personal project or for a Job?
Honestly, the photos are just beautiful memories of a wonderful time with my friends. I just tried to capture the atmosphere I felt that moment.

Can you tell us the story behind the shoot in a paragraph or two?
We were all sitting in the sand talking and laughing with each other and then came this instant in which everything was perfect. The wind, the sun and the clouds were in pure harmony and the temple was more mystical than ever. So I wanted to freeze this spectacle and bring it back home.

What cameras did you shoot with?
Canon EOS 5D Mk II, Panasonic LUMIX

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